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In addition to the liability coverage that the ACC provides for its members when they are participating in ACC activities, the ACC sells, through TuGo™ Travel Insurance, personal insurance for trips.

As a broker for TuGo, the ACC offers Emergency Medical Insurance, Trip Cancellation Insurance, Baggage Insurance and more. These policies are available to all Canadians travelling outside their home province within Canada as well as internationally. We also have plans available for visitors to Canada.

An advantage of TuGo insurance is that it has optional coverages that include climbing-related accidents that are excluded by many policies.

As of May, 2016, TuGo’s policies have changed and climbers, mountaineers and backcountry skiers now require Adventure Sports Optional Coverage. See the policy wording for details.

Emergency Medical Insurance


If you require medical attention while you’re traveling outside of your home province, or outside of Canada, your provincial health care plan may not cover you. Likewise for visitors to Canada. The ACC’s trip insurance covers air ambulance, emergency medical and many other medical expenses. There are top-ups to cover adventure sports (all climbing), backcountry skiing, and high-altitude climbing (over 6,000m).

Policies are affordable, starting at $15, and are applicable to Canadians travelling within Canada or abroad.

Don’t get caught unprepared

If you are travelling outside your home province or country and you require an ambulance in the backcountry, you could be charged thousands of dollars. For example, if you are travelling in the backcountry of BC and you require an air ambulance medical evacuation, the BC ambulance service will charge BC residents a nominal fee. Non-BC residents will be charged at a rate of about $2800 per hour for helicopter time plus other ground ambulance fees. TuGo insurance, sold by the ACC, can cover these expenses.

Many extra front-country medical expenses are included in this policy as well – hospital stays and treatment, physician services, x-ray examinations, medication and/or drugs, rental of essential medical appliances, dental services, family transportation, return of excess baggage, return of vehicle, and out of pocket expenses.

Emergency medical benefits are subject to conditions and exclusions; please read the policy wording for more detailed information.

A similar policy, available for visitors to Canada, is available.


A happy-ending story

SherpaRescue_800pxIn October of 2011, ACC member Bridget Milsom was descending from Parchermo, a 6,200 m peak in Nepal when an anchor failed and she fell 50 metres down the mountain. Her crampon caught on the ice during the fall and she fractured her ankle and wrist. She was airlifted off the mountain, tended to at a hospital in Kathmandu and flown home to Canada. Fortunately, Bridget had purchased travel insurance through the ACC prior to her trip and her expenses were covered.

  • Helicopter and ambulance costs: $7,579
  • Airfare to return home: $4,284
  • Hospital and medical costs: $4,956


Total amount paid: $16,819

“We were so grateful to TuGo. This is now our insurance company that we always use for all our travels. Thank you Alpine Club of Canada for letting us members know about this travel insurance company!”

–Bridget Milsom

You can read the whole story of Bridget’s rescue on the TuGo blog.


Insure Your Adventure

Click the link below to get an online quote and purchase a policy. You can also contact us directly via email or call 403-678-3200 ext 112 for more information.

Online Quote

TuGo Policy:  Policy Wording – English (pdf) Policy Wording – French (pdf)


Trip Cancellation Insurance

137-DingbocheTraveling can be expensive: airline tickets, accommodation, tour operators and other pre-paid travel arrangements add up. If you have to cancel or interrupt your trip due to an emergency these expenses could be lost. With trip cancellation insurance you can protect your investment.

ACC Trips or Personal Trips

Trip cancellation insurance can protect your adventures with the ACC and most personal trips.

If you’re attending the General Mountaineering Camp or one of our other Adventures, the ACC strongly recommends that you purchase cancellation insurance. With trip cancellation insurance, if you have a medical or other emergency and you have to cancel, your fees will not be lost.

You can also purchase cancellation insurance for most personal travel arrangements. TuGo provides coverage and benefits toward a variety of pre-paid and unexpected travel expenses.

Covered Risks

Covered risks include sickness, injury, death or quarantine of the Insured, the Insured’s traveling companion, the Insured’s immediate family or the traveling companion’s immediate family; death or hospitalization of a business partner, key employer/employee, or host at final destination; job transfer; natural disaster; accident; travel advisory; subpoena; hijacking; involuntary job loss; and missed connection.

Trip cancellation insurance coverage is also subject to conditions and exclusions. For complete details, please consult the official policy wording.


Insure Your Adventure

Click the link below to get an online quote and purchase a policy. You can also contact us directly via email or call 403-678-3200 ext 112 for more information.

Online Quote

TuGo Policy:  Policy Wording – English (pdf) Policy Wording – French (pdf)


About TuGo

TuGo is a third-party administrator (TPA) of travel insurance products and services. They develop and administer a variety of travel insurance plans for Canadian business and leisure travelers, visitors to Canada and international students studying in Canada. Their plans can be found in automobile associations, insurance brokerages, banks, credit unions, travel agencies, tour operators and airlines across Canada. TuGo has protected Canadian travelers for over 50 years.

To find out more about other insurance options, visit the TuGo website at or call them direct at 1-855-929-TUGO (1-855-929-8846). Please quote Reference #ALP762, as the ACC benefits whenever this code is used.