Access Overview

We affirm the intrinsic value of mountain regions and mountain sports to the human spirit. We advocate for self-propelled, low impact public access to wilderness areas and climbing locations when such access can be maintained without undue degradation of the alpine environment.

We strongly believe that access is best achieved through respectful collaboration and open dialogue. Through our 22 sections located across the country, we work in close collaboration with government, private landowners, and other user groups to develop access management plans and agreements that ensure responsible use of climbing and backcountry areas by our members. We ask all our members to set an example by respecting access agreements and by leaving no trace.

Recent Projects & Initiatives

From the ACC Blog:

  • Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 5.55.22 PM Fairy Meadow Hut – Trail Maintenance 2017 - The Alpine Club of Canada maintains 26 backcountry huts – plus another 6 that are maintained by local sections – which range from family-friendly cabins set in alpine meadows to backcountry powder paradises and remote climbers’ refuges. ACC huts provide basic, rustic shelter for backcountry travellers, offering protection from the elements, and communal cooking and sleeping areas. […]
  • fairy-meadow-hut-copy Opening access for all – trimming the Fairy Meadow Hut trail - Clearing the Fairy Meadow trail for summer access The Bill Putnam Hut, or as it is more widely known, Fairy Meadow Hut is located in the Adamant range in the northern Selkirk Mountains of BC. It is well known for being a powder skiing mecca. Week long trips are booked through a lottery system at […]
  • kinnaird-bluffs-overview-wonow-media copy 2016 Environment Grant Award: The Association of West Kootenay Rock Climbers - (Every year the ACC awards a number of financial grants to help our community members get outside, follow their dreams and to protect the environment. The ACC’s Environment Grant provides support for the protection and preservation of mountain and climbing environments, including the preservation of alpine flora and fauna in their natural habitat. The ACC is proud […]
  • Footage.00_04_59_03.Still004 Digging in the Dirt: Howe Sound Crest Trail Edition (First Edition) - Digging in the dirt: Howe Sound Crest Trail edition (First edition) “Did you bring your pulaski?” Willa asks me with a smile. It was on the ‘optional’ gear list for today’s event, and the unfamiliar word had sparked some interest and confusion from the group. “What is a pulaski?” someone shouts.   Around us is […]

Other Initiatives:

  • ACC Position on Alberta’s Castle Parks: In spring of 2017, the ACC strongly supported the creation of the Castle Provincial and Wildland Parks and the use of those areas for quiet and low-impact recreation activities. You can read the ACC’s position here.


The ACC Backcountry Huts

ACC Images-239

Peyto Hut on the Wapta Icefields

The ACC operates the largest network of backcountry huts in North America, giving our users access to a wide range of climbing, hiking and skiing terrain in the alpine and backcountry of many areas of Canada in all seasons.

The ACC is proud to provide safety and comfort to mountain travellers. See our huts page to learn more about where we operate facilities.


Access Organizations

Across Canada there are regional access groups that represent the interests of self-propelled outdoor enthusiasts. A list of some of these groups with whom the ACC has collaborated can be found below:


Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS)CPAWS-sponsorlogo – CPAWS is dedicated to protecting Canada’s public land and waters. The ACC shares many interests with CPAWS, including limiting development and advocating for responsible growth in our protected lands.


International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (UIAA)UIAA-sponsorlogo – The ACC is a member of the UIAA which promotes the growth and protection of mountaineering and climbing worldwide, advances safe and ethical mountain practices and promotes responsible access, culture and environmental protection.


(MEC)CEC-MEC-logo – MEC is Canada’s top outdoor retailer and one that acts to protect the environment it’s members recreate in. MEC are devoted to inspiring and enabling Canadians to pursue mountain adventure and shares the ACC’s commitment to protecting and enhancing recreation access and promoting safe and responsible use of the outdoors.


Leave No Trace (LNT)Leave No Trace – Leave No Trace promotes minimal impact in recreational activities through education and adoption of key principles. This partnership is key to helping our members become aware of, and reduce their impacts in sensitive areas through responsible use.