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Melting Glaciers and Changing Landscapes

The mountains and glaciers of Canada’s Rocky and Columbia Mountains are changing due to climate change. The changes are vast, but there is a distinct group of people who are perfectly situated to report on them: people who spend the most time in and, literally, on the mountains: mountaineers.

Stewards of the Alpine

The ACC is committed to act as a steward of the alpine environment and in 2009, through the Access and Environment and Mountain Culture Committees, funded a report to explain changes in the alpine that are due to climate change.

The final report is not a scientific paper, but rather a resource that any person who cares about the mountains can understand.

What Does Change Look Like?

The results in the report are downright unnerving. Comparative photographs reveal a quickly changing landscape. Anecdotes speak to increased rock fall and objective hazards for mountaineers. Scientists speak to a lack of funding, and other factors inhibiting their research on climate change. And while not all is lost, the report calls those who love the mountains into action and encourages us to think seriously about how our behaviour today influences the landscape of the future.

Read this report as a: FLIPBOOK  |  PDF.

Hard copies of the State of the Mountains report are available for free (shipping rates apply) through the ACC online store.

Contributors to the report include: Barry Blanchard, Brad Harrison, Dr. Brian Menounos, Chic Scott, Don Serl, Glen Boles, Helen Sovdat, Jen Olson, Dr. John Pomeroy, Dr. Michael Demuth, Nancy Hansen, Pat Morrow, Robert Sandford, Roger Laurilla, Sean Isaac, Dr. Shawn Marshall and Will Gadd.

About the report’s author: Meghan J. Ward.