• Global Adventure
    Ecuador - 2008
  • Global Adventure
    Dolomites - 2010
  • Global Adventure
    Iceland - 2008
  • Global Adventure
    Chile - 2012

Global Adventures

We offer exciting Global Adventures.

In 2016 we’re taking ACC members to a number of different locations for adventures. Check out the list below for our global adventures.

Mountaineering in Mongolia – From the steppes of Mongolia to the Altai Mountains bordering China and Russia to the national Nadaam Festival, experience all that is Mongolia!

Here is a list of some of the exciting locations we have offered in past years:

  • 2016: Japan – Skiing endless powder
  • 2015: New Zealand – perfect weather in the Minarets
  • 2013: Bolivia – where Culture Meets Altitude
  • 2012: The Peruvian Andes – the Llanganuco and Santa Cruz valleys arguably host the most scenic mountain panoramas in the world
  • 2012: Cerro San Lorenzo, Chile – a stunning peak covered by three glaciers: two on the Argentina side, and one on the Chilean side
  • 2010: Ski touring in the Dolomites
  • 2010: Mountaineering in Mongolia – Mountains of the Five Gods
  • 2009: Mexican Volcanoes – two of the top ten highest peaks in North America
  • 2009: Best of Nepal – trekking camp
  • 2008: Iceland Sail & Ski – steeped in history and folklore, Iceland is a place that many dream of visiting, but few actually do
  • 2008: Classic Alps – Straddling the French Italian border, the breathtaking and inspirational Mont Blanc
  • 2008: Ecuador – a beautiful country that is home to some of the world’s highest volcanoes