Sarah Sasges

Sarah is the Mountain Adventures Coordinator with The Alpine Club of Canada. Sarah grew up in Edmonton, but realized that it was flat and moved out to Canmore in her early twenties. She has spent the last 9 years working and playing in the Bow Valley. As a ski instructor, Sarah loves helping other people […]

Maranda Stopol

Maranda grew up splitting her time between Idaho and Mexico/Central America. She started kayaking as a kid and has been in love with the sport ever since. Recently, she spends most of her time roaming around the West Coast of North America and has called Squamish, BC her home base for the last four years. In […]

Kristine O’Rielly

Originally hailing from Newfoundland’s northeast coast, Kristine O’Rielly is an island turned mountain gal. Having moved to Calgary two years ago to pursue an engineering career, she fell in love with the mountain parks and all that western Canada has to offer. She loves a good backcountry hut and believes in the power of hot […]

Andrew Rennie

Andrew is an ACMG Alpine Guide from North Vancouver, BC. He began climbing in Squamish in the late 90’s and was inspired by guides to take his passion for climbing higher, into the mountains. One of his greatest joys is facilitating similar experiences to other people, directing their lives towards the mountains and giving back to […]
Kieren Britton

Kieren Britton 

Kieren is a writer, adventurer, and team manager at The Lady Alliance. Since the ripe old age of 6 weeks, Kieren has been camping, road-tripping and exploring. Some of her favourite things to do are hiking, cycling, climbing, snowboarding, sledding, canoeing, and paddle-boarding. Her specialty is any adventure that involves a challenge. Whether it’s cycling across Canada at […]

Zac Robinson

Zac Robinson is a historian and Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Physical Education & Recreation at the University of Alberta. Zac has served as a Camp Manager with the ACC’s Mountain Adventure Program since 2003 and presently sits on the Club’s Mountain Culture Committee. He is a regular contributor to the Canadian Alpine Journal. […]

Chris Jensen

Chris Jensen is a long time member of the ACC’s Vancouver Island Section. Chris is presently working with the team on the Peak 5040 Hut build.

Lorne Filewych

Lorne Filewych saved the Calgary Section by building them a working website in their time of need! Lorne Filewych was awarded the Don Forest Service Award in 2016.

Lil Lezarre

Lil Lezarre has been a member of the Edmonton section for more than 10 years where she has given selflessly to the Edmonton Section as a volunteer. The mountains have been a very special place for her over the years and her motivation to volunteer has been to make the mountains more accessible to as […]

Donna McColl

As an active member of the Edmonton Section for the past fifteen years, Donna McColl has shown her commitment to the section and her desire to be a part of something larger than her own needs and goals. She is a woman of integrity and authenticity with great visionary qualities. Donna has created two annual […]