Keene Farm Modernised

(This article and photographs on the modernization of the Keene Farm was generously provided by Luc Massicotte, the president of Keene Farm inc. This version is translated from Luc’s original article in French.

The Keene Farm is the only hut the ACC operates that is located outside of Canada. This farm with a large cabin and camping facilities gives access to rock and ice climbing and many other outdoor activities in the Adirondack Mountains of New York state, two hours south of Montreal. Keene Farm is operated by the Montreal Section and is reserved directly through them rather than the ACC national office.  – Ed)

Keene Farm Modernised

The Montreal Section’s Keene Farm property offers lodging to members and an ideal meeting spot for outdoor pursuits right in the heart of the Adirondacks. Hut and group rentals provide an important source of revenue for us to continue maintaining and improving the site.

As usual, the Keene Farm Committee has been busy in 2015. Our two annual chores, which can actually be a lot of fun, allowed us to improve the hut’s interior and surroundings. These ongoing tasks attract 20 to 25 members and non-members to pitch in and help every year.

Break time for the Volunteers - Photo by Luc Massicotte

Break time for the volunteers – Photo by Luc Massicotte


Capturing the Power of the Sun

2015 marked the arrival of green electricity! We’ve installed four solar panels on the roof. They have a total capacity of 245w, convert the energy into 12v, and voilà! Let there be electric light! Since its implementation on November 1, this system offers a reliable light source and considerable cost savings on propane gas and lamp mantles, not to mention reducing the risk of fire.

Some may say this initiative might be a little less romantic, but no one will miss the horrible smell of the old gas lamps! Reducing greenhouse gasses in exchange for green energy is another good justification.

IMG_3010[1] copy

The new panels – Photo by Luc Massicotte

Interior Redesign

We’ve made other improvements such as rearranging the rooms and adjusting access to the second floor, making the hut even more spacious. We can now accommodate larger events such as training programs, celebrations and conferences—activities we’ll dedicate more time to in coming years. We also completely redesigned the kitchen to offer groups more room to prepare meals on newly installed counters.

On the second floor, you’ll find a new area fitted with bunk beds, offering even more comfort to members.

Outside, we’ve updated the courtyard in white cedar, there’s a new water pump, 15 new picnic tables, and two new dry toilets, giving the place a whole new look.



The new beds – Photo by Luc Massicotte



The new outhouse – Photo by Luc Massicotte


Don’t forget that the local’s trail and the Amazone Graig climbing school’s routes are also there for you to use and enjoy!


Trail sign representing our commitment to taking care of the property – Photo by Luc Massicotte


Finally, it’s volunteers who complete most of the ongoing renovations and maintenance and it’s thanks to them that we’re proud to be well-known and respected. We’re keeping this philosophy alive with new new projects planned for 2016: a new hut floor, complete firewood autonomy, and the re-opening of a second trail.

Looking forward to see you there!

Luc Massicotte, président ACC Keene Farm inc.

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    About the Author

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    Luc Massicotte

    Luc Massicotte is the current Vice President of the Montreal Section and the key spearhead volunteer for the Keene Farm. Dedicating over 10 years to the ACC Montreal section, Luc’s passion is for the outdoors and its playground, especially the Adirondacks. Twice a year Luc organizes up to 25 volunteers to help maintain and upgrade the Keene Farm located in New York State. Without his dedication, the Montreal section wouldn’t be what it is today.

    Luc was awarded The Alpine Club of Canada’s Don Forest Service Award in 2015.

    Luc Massicotte est le vice-président actuel de la section de Montréal et le fer de lance en tant que chef-bénévole pour la ferme de Keene. Ayant dédié plus de 10 ans à la section du CAC de Montréal, Luc est passionné par les grands espaces et le grand terrain de jeu de la nature, surtout dans les Adirondacks. Deux fois par an Luc organise 25 bénévoles dans un effort d’entretien de la ferme de Keene, située dans l’État de New York. Sans le dévouement de Luc, la section de Montréal ne serait pas ce qu’elle est aujourd’hui.

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