Mountains 101 MOOC

Mountains 101­­ is a 12-lesson Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) teaching a comprehensive overview of Mountain Studies. Mountains 101 will cover an interdisciplinary field of study focusing on the physical, biological, and human dimensions of mountain places in Alberta, Canada, and around the world.

Mountains 101 was developed at the University of Alberta, in collaboration with The Alpine Club of Canada, Parks Canada and MEC. Instructors are ACC members Zac Robinson (the ACC’s VP for Mountain Culture) and David Hik. The course can be taken by anyone in the world, online, for free.

You can take a peek behind the process of creating the MOOC, in libraries, forests and on glaciers on the University of Alberta’s website.

You can sign up for Mountains 101 anytime – the course is completely free and open to everyone. You can receive a certificate of completion for a modest fee and if you’re a U of Alberta student, you can take the course for credit.

Top photo: Matt Peter filming another ‘Tech Tip’ from the Columbia Icefield in the Rocky Mountains (Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada).

  1. JF Reply

    Best MOOC I have taken. I learned so much. I just wish it would have been available 20 years ago! I discovered the ACC thanks to this course. It got me dreaming about Yoho national Park for a couple of months, which I was lucky to visit in September (along with the ACC clubhouse and the EB Parker Hut!). Thanks for developing this; the content has truly elevated by knowledge of mountains and their impact on so many levels.

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