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About hut fees

Fees paid for the use of our facilities provide for their ongoing care and maintenance. Some of these are mountain huts located in remote and hostile environments. Costs associated with routine maintenance and repairs cau sed by use or by extreme conditions are high when compared to other structures located in less demanding locations. Also, the Club depends on the fees it generates at these facilities to cover other aspects of its operations.

In addition, substantial contributions from hut revenue go directly into the "Energy, Water and Waste Management Fund" used to develop more efficient and responsible means of managing our presence in the wilderness. Our goal is to come as close as possible to zero impact on the areas in which we operate facilities, and we can only do so with the help of informed and conscientious hut users. Please be responsible about paying your hut fees.


Our base rates are as follows. Some facilities and dates are subject to peak rate pricing. Peak rate pricing increases the stated rates below by $5.00.

  Huts Upgrade Holder* Non-Member
Click these links for information on:
Bill Putnam (Fairy Meadow) Hut winter ski rates
Kokanee Glacier Cabin winter ski rates
Elizabeth Parker Hut summer booking policies
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Boswell Cabin Rates
*Member rates at the huts are available to current ACC members with "Huts Upgrade" or "Combined" options on their memberships. Members may purchase a Huts Upgrade at any time for $24 for single memberships; $48 for family memberships.
Current ACC members with a basic membership (i.e. no Hut Upgrade or Combined options) will receive non-member rates at the huts. All ACC members receive member rates at the Canmore Clubhouse and Canadian Alpine Centre in Lake Louise.

Rates for children 16 and under are 50% of the amounts shown above. Children must be part of a family membership or they must be a junior member to receive member rates.

B.C. Provincial Park Rates:

  Cabins / Huts
Reservations Self -reservation

Conrad Kain Hut
Elk Lakes Cabin
Kokanee Glacier Cabin
Silver Spray Cabin
Woodbury Cabin

Elk Lakes Applebea

Kaslo Lake
Child under 16

*Family is two adults and up to three children, 16 and under, living in the same house.

For all BC Park facilities, membership in the ACC is not required and the advanced booking period is (1) calendar year for all BC Park facility reservations.

Backcountry wilderness passes

Overnight users of the ACC huts in National Parks in British Columbia and Alberta are required by Parks Canada to have a valid Backcountry Wilderness Pass.

Based on an ACC-Parks Canada agreement, ACC hut users can purchase their Wilderness Pass directly from the National Office of The Alpine Club of Canada. This provides "one stop shopping" convenience for our hut users.

However, the ACC's sale of Wilderness Passes has a significant additional benefit; as part of the agreement, Parks allocates 40% of all Wilderness Pass money collected by the ACC to a special fund. This fund is available to the ACC to finance on-going conservation and environment work at the Club's National Park huts. The agreement therefore results in significant financial assistance to the ACC's hut maintenance program and is seen by the Club as a major milestone in its relationship with Parks Canada.

The ACC's sale of Wilderness Passes works as follows. Prices include GST:

Annual Wilderness Pass 1 year $68.70
Overnight Wilderness Pass 1 overnight $9.80

Overnight wilderness passes will be sold by the ACC only to those making ACC hut bookings.  However, anyone can purchase an annual wilderness pass from the ACC.

Day use

ACC huts are often used by travellers who do not require overnight accommodation. This type of use is encouraged as long as it does not interfere with guests who have overnight reservations. Day users must pay a $5-$7 fee (dependent upon whether or not the visitor has an ACC membership) to the hut custodian or the National Office of the ACC to help cover the costs of their visit.

Emergency use

The primary purpose of any mountain hut is the safety of all mountain travellers. In any and all cases where a dangerous situation could be created by denying anyone access to the hut (such as darkness, stormy weather, poorly equipped or injured individual), the hut users are required to make room for these guests.

    VISION: Preserving, practicing and promoting Canadian mountain culture and self-propelled alpine pursuits.
Préserver, pratiquer et promouvoir la culture alpine canadienne et les activités non motorisées en montagne.