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Donor Impact Report for 2014. Click to read.

Giving Opportunities

Charitable giving is an important Canadian value and tradition. Every year, Canadians from coast to coast to coast support the causes that matter to them. There are many ways to support The Alpine Club of Canada including volunteering your time, donating materials and services, and financial contributions.

Donor Impact Report

2014 was a year to celebrate for donations to the ACC. Read our report on where our donations came from and where they are being put to use. Thank you to everyone for your generosity.

Registered Charity

The Alpine Club of Canada is a registered Amateur Athletic Association and a registered Canadian charity (Registration No.: 10670 4182 RR0001). The ACC also has a registered Foundation in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho to accept charitable donations from donors living in the United States. We will issue a charitable tax receipt for eligible donations of $20 or more.

The Alpine Club of Canada has a number of avenues that require your support and we hope that one–or more–of them will inspire you to donate. All ACC Funds are conservatively invested by professionals to achieve modest principal growth while generating income for use each year. One hundred percent of your donation will go towards the fund(s) of your choice. Also, don’t forget that your employer might match your donation. Please look into the employee giving incentives at your company to maximize your contribution.

We are extremely grateful for your generous support.

How to Donate

The ACC accepts of gifts of cash, publicly traded securities, charitable bequests and gifts-in-kind.

To donate online:

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To make a gift by mail, download one of these donation forms. They are fillable PDFs, giving you the option of downloading one to your computer then either completing it on your computer or printing it and completing it by hand. If you choose to fill it out on your computer, you can save it and email it back to us at or print it and mail it back. Note: the fillable functions will only work when the PDF is opened using Adobe Acrobat.

For donations from Canadian addresses:

Canadian Donation Form

For donations from U.S.A. addresses:

American Donation Form

For more information on other ways to give, please contact Jolene Livingston.

Donations to Funds

The ACC maintains the following permanent funds to which we gratefully accept donations. Your donation can be directed toward a specific aspect of the ACC, depending on the area of the Club’s operations you would like to support.

Greatest Needs Fund

Strengthen the Alpine Club of Canada for future generations

The Greatest Needs Fund is a permanent legacy of the ACC. This fund has been in place for over 15 years, and has grown considerably over that time through donations and generous bequests from members who included the ACC in their estate planning. Interest income is used annually to support strategic priorities and projects. Funding is distributed through grants approved by the ACC Board of Directors.

Your contribution to the ACC Greatest Needs Fund strengthens the ACC’s mandate of Preserving, Practicing and Promoting Canadian Mountain Culture and Self-propelled Alpine Pursuits.

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Leadership Development Fund

Support the next generation of Club leaders

Created in 1997, the Leadership Development Fund supports activities and programs undertaken by the ACC to develop and train amateur mountaineering leaders. These activities and programs are also supported by named designated funds such as the Jen Higgins Fund, Jim Colpitts Memorial Scholarship, Karl Nagy Memorial Scholarship, Louise Guy Commemorative Fund and The North Face.

Your donation helps amateur leaders from our local sections build their skills in a variety of ways, including the TNF Leadership Program.

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Facilities Fund

Help maintain the largest network of backcountry huts in North America

The ACC’s hut system is the largest in North America. The huts are used as bases for mountain recreation and as emergency refuges for all mountain travellers. They are a symbol of the ACC and an enormous part of our Club’s past, present and future. Operating and maintaining this hut system is a large undertaking physically, logistically and financially.

Your contribution to the Facilities Fund will be used to facilitate renovations to the Club’s national level huts in British Columbia and Alberta and the ACC Clubhouse in Canmore.

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Environment Fund

Fryatt ValleyPreserving and protecting our playground

Wilderness is a diminishing and irreplaceable resource of great intrinsic value, not only to those who recreate in its spaces, but to everyone on our planet. The Environment Fund is a permanent fund to be used to create a legacy of environmental improvement.

The Environment Fund provides financial support annually to projects related to preservation of the alpine and Arctic environments and climbing areas in Canada. Your donation goes directly to these projects.

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Mountain Culture Fund

Preserve our Canadian mountain culture

The Mountain Culture Fund celebrates the Club’s relevance to Canadian culture through the presentation of literature, art, history and heritage and mountain related science in accordance with the mandate of the Mountain Culture Committee and the goals and objectives of the ACC.


The Mountain Culture Fund, as well as designated donor funds such as the Eric Brooks Memorial Fund and Bev Bendell Library Conservation Fund, supports projects such as the Summit Series booklets of biographies of people who have made a difference in Canadian Mountaineering and the Hut Histories plaques.

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Bon Echo Renewal

Contribute to the revitalization of Bon Echo Hut on Mazinaw Lake, ON

For half a century, the Bon Echo Hut has been a welcoming base for exploring the Mazinaw Rock formation on Mazinaw Lake in Ontario’s Bon Echo Provincial Park. With a variety of multi-pitch climbs, campsites, swimming and a wood-fired sauna, the hut hosts nearly 500 climbers a year and demand remains as strong as ever. Bon Echo Hut is 50 years old and renovations are urgently needed. Together with the ACC National Office, the Toronto Section seeks to raise $80,000 to upgrade the roof, windows, deck, kitchen, and the cooking and lighting systems. The revitalized hut will be renamed the Wallace R. Joyce Hut, in tribute to long-time Toronto Section member – the late Wally Joyce.


For information, view the brochure (pdf) or contact Jolene Livingston to learn more about donating to the ACC:

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