Conrad Kain Hut

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In Bugaboo Provincial Park in southeastern BC

Summer only

$25 members, $25 others

82K/10 (Howser Creek) and 82K/15 (Bugaboo Creek)

50°44' 18"-116°45' 48" NAD27 11U 516700 5620754

2,230 m (7,315 ft)

A steep 3 hour approach hike.

700 m (2,300 ft)

2 to 3 hours

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One of the World’s Great Alpine Rockclimbing Areas

Bugaboo Provincial Park is situated in the jagged Purcell Mountains, and mountaineers from all over the world are drawn to the sculpted granite masses that uplift into spectacular spires, some of which exceed 3,000 metres in elevation. Bugaboo Park represents mountain wilderness at its most rugged, and includes the largest icefields of the Purcells.

Since the Palliser Expedition of 1857 – 1860, which first traversed the area and then named it for expedition sponsor Goodwin Purcell, these awe-inspiring ranges have attracted miners, loggers and some of North America’s leading mountaineers. In 1969, Bugaboo Glacier Provincial Park and the Bugaboo Alpine Recreation Area were set aside to preserve and protect this outstanding area of the Purcells.

Bugaboo Provincial Park is, by its very nature, extremely isolated. Persons contemplating a visit here must realize that it is pure wilderness without supplies or equipment of any kind. All arrangements must be made beforehand for supplies and transportation. Visitors must be prepared for outdoor living. Inexperienced or ill-equipped climbers and hikers should forego a visit here in favour of less demanding areas. Hut accommodation is not available in winter due to avalanche dangers.

Modern, Comfortable Hut

In 1972, the Alpine Club of Canada erected the Conrad Kain Hut (named after the renowned guide who first visited the area in 1910). From 1972 until 2000 the hut was  maintained by BC Parks as a base for climbers and to reduce visitor impact on the fragile timberline area below Snowpatch Spire. The hut today is a modern, comfortable shelter for up to 35 people. It benefits from a local micro-hydro generator in the creek that supplies the hut with lighting, heat and hot water.

ACC Hut in BC Parks

The Conrad Kain Hut is one of five huts operated by the ACC which reside in the BC Parks jurisdiction. ACC Membership is not required to advance book or receive a discounted rate at these huts.


Bugaboo Provincial Park is located in southeastern B.C., halfway between Golden and Radium Hot Springs, and west of Highway 95. Access to the park is via a good gravel road, open late spring through late fall, that begins at Brisco, 27 kilometres north of Radium Hot Springs on Highway 95. This 45-kilometre road into the park is frequently travelled by logging trucks, so drivers should exercise extreme caution at all times.

Park visitors should park their vehicles in the public lot and not in that of the Bugaboo Lodge (Canadian Mountain Holidays). Visitors are recommended to protect their vehicle with chicken wire to deter small animals from chewing on wires and tires.


Per Night Adult $25
Per Night Child $25
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