Glacier Circle Cabin

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Below the crest of the Illecillewaet Neve in Glacier National Park, BC

82 N/3 Mt Wheeler. Grid Ref 726689

1,820m (5,900 ft)

NAD83 UTM 0472499 E 5669115 N


Open all year

$30 members, $40 others


A 14-km approach, mostly on glacier. 8-12 hours.

1425 m

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Remote Hut in the Dawson Range

The Glacier Circle Cabin is located in the Dawson Range of the Selkirks, near a small lake in the deep cirque bound by Mt. Macoun, Mt. Fox, Mt Selwyn and Mt. Topham. The cabin is usually accessed via the Illecillewaet Neve (14 km from the Illecillewaet campground). Most popular access is the Illecillewaet route, then Deville Glacier route. Knowledge of safe glacier travel techniques and whiteout navigation skills are required.

The Glacier Circle cabin has a capacity of up to 8 people. The cabin contains a wood stove, wood, ax and saw, limited cookware, and cutlery, a Coleman stove and lantern, but no fuel. Water source is Fox Creek, a large stream 150 meters from the cabin. The historic Glacier Circle Cabin was rebuilt in 2006, with a new foundation, new roof, walls, front porch and outhouse. Note: there are no mattresses at the hut. Firewood is not provided. It is suggested that groups bring tie-on mantels for the Coleman lanterns.

Other Huts in the Area

The A.O. Wheeler Hut in Rogers Pass is often used as a staging area for trips into Glacier Circle.

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Per NightAdultMember$30
Per NightAdultNon-Member$40
Per NightChildMember$15
Per NightChildNon-Member$20
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No mattress pads, bring your own
Coleman stove – bring white gas
Coleman lanterns – bring white gas and spare mantels
Wood stove – firewood is not provided
Snow melt
Mattresses not provided

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