Lloyd MacKay (Mt. Alberta) Hut

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Near Mt. Alberta, Jasper National Park

83C/6 (Sunwapta); Grid Reference: 702927

2,720 m (8,900 ft)

NAD27 11U 470101 5793013

52°17' 12" / -117°26' 18"


Open all year

$25 members, $36 others


A very strenuous hike over Wooley Shoulder (5-7 hours)

1,320 m (4,330 ft)

5-7 hours

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Small Hut, Big Peaks

Perched on a narrow, rocky shoulder of Mt. Little Alberta, this small hut is surrounded by some of the most spectacularly rugged terrain in all of the Rockies.

It is similar in design to the Castle Mountain Hut and offers a comfortable shelter for climbers en route to Mt. Alberta or as a base for other objectives in the area. The hut and outhouse received a complete makeover in the months before the 75th Anniversary celebrations of the first ascent of Mount Alberta.  A composting outhouse was installed thanks to the joint fundraising efforts of the Japanese Alpine Club and the Alpine Club of Canada. The hut interior was completely renovated and is now a very comfortable place to relax, prepare dinner, wait out a storm, or plan your ventures onto the surrounding peaks.

The location of this hut is spectacular and it is normally reached in a single day by a strenuous hike from the Icefield Parkway, up Woolley Creek and over Woolley Shoulder. A few adventurous souls have paid winter visits to this hut and have reported excellent skiing on the slopes in the area. Coleman stoves and lanterns as well as an adequately stocked cooking area make up the amenities at the hut. Sleeping capacity is 6. People should come prepared for the possibility of bad weather in this area since options for exploring would be limited in the event of whiteout or storm.


Per Night Adult Member $25
Per Night Adult Non-Member $36
Per Night Child Member $12.5
Per Night Child Non-Member $18
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Coleman stove – bring white gas
Coleman lanterns – bring white gas and spare mantels

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