ACC Winter Porter 

We are hiring porters (casual) to support our winter Mountain Adventures programs.

The role of the porter is to deliver any necessary food, fuel, and potential group equipment the destination of a given trip (often, ACC huts). Typically, these are day-trip excursions. However, there may be occasionally a longer trip requiring the porter team to stay overnight.

Porters must be physically fit, be experienced backcountry travellers, and have all of their own personal gear for safe travel in the mountains.

Portering is a casual job within the ACC and most ACC trips only require 1-2 porters. Work is offered on an as needed basis.

To apply to be a casual porter this winter, please fill in the application for at the link below.

Apply now

Full position outline here (pdf download).

Preserving, practicing, and promoting Canadian mountain culture and self-propelled alpine pursuits.
Préserver, pratiquer et promouvoir la culture alpine canadienne et les activités non motorisées en montagne.