André-Jean Desormeaux

I joined the ACC Ottawa section and discovered the Keene Farm early in the 80’s through a couple of outings. The next year I began organizing hiking trips in the Addirondacks on a regular basis until the middle of the 90’s when twin girls came along. After a period of about 20 years I began organizing hikes for the Outaouais and Montreal sections mostly in the New England but also the West Coast Trail and the Charlevoix Traverse. I was on the board in both sections in charge of hiking and social activities. After finishing the 46 ers in the Addirondacks I started looking elsewhere for hiking and backpacking. Through travels I’ve hiked in Peru, Russia, Greece, the Dolomites, Slovenia, the Pyrenees, the Canaries and Corsica. My bucket list holds many hiking trips amonst which are: the red Via Alpina trail across the Alps, the Stara Planina trail across Bulgaria, the HRP across the Pyrenees, etc.