Darrel Newman

Since joining the Ottawa Section of the Alpine Club of Canada Darrel Newman has been the mainstay of our local hiking activities. Darrel has served the section variously as Hiking and Skiing Coordinator and as a perennial member of the Hiking Committee. Darrel’s main playground has been the Gatineau Hills where he consistently leads 20 or more club activities a year in all seasons.

Darrel has also introduced ACC members to the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York with many people owing their first accent of an Adirondack 46-R to Darrel and has dedicated time over the years as a mentor to many of our new leaders. Darrel served in the Royal Canadian Airforce as a navigator and has carried that skill over to the club by teaching back country navigation courses to members most every year. Sometimes those keen navigational skills did not always transfer to the outings he was leading but we suspect that if he was ever lost it was purely intentional and added to the fun of the outing.