Foster Karcha

Foster is currently serving as the elected safety chair for the Edmonton section executive and he brings 7 years of experience as a search and rescue volunteer professional. He applies his knowledge both to the Section’s safety needs and to the section trips he participates in. He has previously served (2013-2016) as the Leadership chair for the Edmonton section. Foster co created the 'Winter in the mountains Plus' program and organized all content for same. This was a novel back country skiing skill mentorship program for the Edmonton section. The course was renamed the 'Backcountry Riders Mentorship Program' and Foster continues to be involved.

Foster continues to be an active trip leader within the club in addition to his executive role. Through that program, I've skied with and learned from Foster and can attest to his professionalism, safety, and responsibility. He has been a role model for me with respect to trip leadership and creating a group dialogue within and after trips.