Steve Fedyna

Since joining the ACC 25 years ago, Steve has served in many different capacities in the Rocky Mountain Section, including Chair, Camps Chair, Treasurer, Social Committee Member, and Nominating Committee Chair. He was also Treasurer and active trip leader for the Calgary Section for many years.

Beyond his contributions to the Rocky Mountain Executive, Steve manages the Section’s annual ROCK program (no small commitment!), is an active trip leader (leading ski, rock and ice climbing and scrambling trips), and is a Camp Manager for Rocky Mountain Section Ski Camps. He also introduced international camps to the Rocky Mountain Section, organizing a trip Kyrgyzstan in 2017 and a K2 Base Camp trip in 2019. Steve is an energetic and enthusiastic presence in the Alpine Club, a mentor to other Executive and Section members, an emcee extraordinaire, and all-around remarkable ambassador for the Club and the Rocky Mountain Section.