Zac Robinson

Zac Robinson has contributed to the Canadian mountain community and the Alpine Club of Canada for more than two decades.
An accomplished mountaineer, he has summited Mount Robson and Mount Logan, has skied the Great Divide Ski Traverse and guided Aconcagua in Argentina twice.
Zac is a history professor at the University of Alberta, specializing in Mountain culture and history.
With the Alpine Club of Canada he has served as a manager and amateur guide at the General Mountaineering Camps for 18 years. He served as ACC Vice President in charge of activities from 2010-2014 and is currently the Vice President of Mountain Culture, having served in this position for 8 years.
Zac has contributed to our mountain community in so many ways – he has organized three Thinking Mountains Conferences, written or edited several books and created the highly successful online Mountains 101 course. Zac also serves as the Chair of the Expeditions Committee for the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.
Married and with two young boys, Zac is indeed a busy man.
This award is long overdue and recognizes a life devoted to mountains and the mountain community.
Congratulations Zac.