Summer 2022 - How to book

General Guidelines All guests with bookings at ACC huts are encouraged to read the latest provincial health regulations:

As you plan backcountry adventures at ACC huts, please consider the current, and potential future, provincial COVID guidelines and restrictions for group sizes and travel. We ask that you avoid making assumptions that life will be ‘back to normal’ by the time of your hut booking, but rather to plan for a continuation of ‘unpredictable’ restrictions from provincial governments.

The ACC encourages safe use of the backcountry and discouraging groups making speculative bookings with group compositions that assume optimistic changes to provincial COVID protocols.

We are taking a firm stance on requiring all of our users to abide by all health regulations and we do this in support of our government agencies, our health care system, local businesses and the collective health of our community.

We thank you for doing your part.

Hut Booking Schedule

For summer 2022, some ACC backcountry huts are booked as dormitory-style accommodation (per-bed, per-night). Other huts are booked as exclusive bookings (whole hut booking). Other huts are booked in a hybrid model, with some dates booked exclusive and other dates booked dormitory style. 

Exclusive rates are based on booking the entire facility not by the number of users. Dormitory style rates are based on numbers of users.

Reservations at all huts (for members and non-members) opens on a staggered schedule as follows:

  • Stay dates May 1 to June 16: reservations open March 10, 2022
  • Stay dates up to July 17: reservations open March 17, 2022
  • Stay dates up to August 16: reservations open March 28, 2022
  • Stay dates up to September 15: reservations open April 11, 2022
  • Stay dates up to October 30: reservations open April 22, 2022
Bookings are taken, on first come first basis starting 9:00 am MST of the booking period using the following link:
   Hut Notices:
  • The Conrad Kain Hut is closed for the 2022 season)
  • Silver Spray, Woodbury and Kokanee Cabin close on Oct. 17th

Request a Booking

Hut Bookings - Rates, Policies and Booking Procedure

The ACC has made changes to our huts and our booking system. Our huts are available for booking requests by ACC members as well as the general public. Reservations are required for all bookings.

You can read all of our hut booking policies by clicking the button below.

Summer 2022 Policies

Covid notice

If anyone in your party experiences any COVID-like symptoms during your stay (fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, shortness of breath), you must immediately vacate the facility and travel directly to your place of origin to follow up with your local health authority for possible testing for COVID-19. You are required to immediately contact the ACC to inform us of your situation. Any associated costs are not the responsibility of the ACC. Learn more about our COVID policy here.