The Alpine Club of Canada

ACC Board Elections

2024 Election - Board of Directors

The ACC Nomination Committee is identifying qualified individuals to develop a slate of candidates for the national Board of Directors for the positions of:

VP Sections, VP Services & Athletics, and VP Mountain Culture for a term of three years from May 2024 to May 2027.

A copy of the portion of the current ByLaw (Article IV) governing Board can be found here.

Position descriptions can be found here for VP SectionsVP Services & Athletics, and VP Mountain Culture

This is a great opportunity to learn more about the club and to get involved with the Club’s strategic direction!

Members of the ACC Board of Directors are drawn from across a spectrum of life stages and professional vocations. While different director portfolios require slightly different levels of commitment, directors can generally anticipate a range of ten-to-twenty hours of board-related work per month. In addition, there are usually six board meetings in each year (Jan, May, Jul, Sept, Oct, Dec). Two of the meetings are in in-person weekends (our spring Annual General Meeting and the fall Annual Dinner). The balance of meetings are held online.

If this is something that interests you, consult the competencies and expectations desired for each position on the website here.

Interested Club members should review the application requirements on the website and submit the required documents to the Nomination Committee by October 31, 2023.

Thereafter the Nomination Committee will review the applications based on the published competencies, conduct such other diligence as it feels required (including fact checking) and may interview candidates by telephone.

The Committee is working to provide its candidate slate to the applicants and the Board of Directors by February 1, 2024. The Committee will publish the slate to the general membership by mid to late February 2024.

Applications are open. Members interested in being considered by the Nomination Committee can contact the Committee Chair with questions and send their applications to them at

On behalf of the Committee members

David Thomson (Vancouver, BC), Leah Gibson (Calgary, AB), Josee Desjardins (Ottawa, ON), and Ivo Stedford (Calgary, AB)