Splitboard Camps 2018

Dates & Price

  • Adventure Dates: Multiple camps! See below.
  • Adventure Rates: Multiple camps! See below.

Sometimes skiers just don’t get it: snowboarders can go pretty much anywhere skiers can! That doesn’t mean that they want to deal with unnecessary changeovers or flat sections when there’s a way around. Gear has come a long way since the early days of splitboarding, and splitboarding is being recognized more and more as efficient, effective, and fun. Like every piece of gear in the backcountry, it has its inefficiencies and its advantages.  Learning the ropes with an experienced guide can be the best way to overcome the inefficiencies and use your system to its best advantage. With practice and guidance from our experienced instructors, you’ll be beating your skier friends on the transitions in no time.

Whether you’ve never tried splitboarding but want to give it a shot, or you’re an advanced rider looking to hone your technique, we have a full lineup of splitboard-specific and splitboard friendly camps this year for you! Scroll down to check out our offerings, or go straight to our beginner, intermediate, or advanced camps.

Beginners: check out one of our two Intro days!

20170311-IMG_5118If you’ve snowboarded in-bounds, but never ventured out into the backcountry, this is the camp for you. This condensed version of our Introduction to Backcountry Skiing course will give you a  chance to try out splitboarding and find out whether it’s for you! A guide whose preferred method of travel is a snowboard will be able to explain transitions and efficiency, ski mode, and technique. This course is also great for people who have some experience backcountry skiing, but want to give boarding a try.

Don’t have a board? No problem!

We’ve teamed up with shops in Golden and Calgary to get you started. Splitboard HQ in Calgary is offering a 20% discount on rentals to participants on our Kananaskis Intro to Splitboarding. Higher Ground in Golden, BC is offering a 10% discount on rentals to participants on both camps. Both shops have options to apply the cost of a rental to the purchase of a backcountry setup: contact them for more details.

Kananaskis: December 23, 2017

Cost: $175 (includes guiding with ACMG-certified guide & office support for pre-camp planning)

Location: Kananaskis backcountry, Alberta

Meeting place: Rocky Mountain Bagel Co, Railway Ave, Canmore

Meeting time: 8AM on December 23


Rogers Pass: December 30, 2017

Cost: $175 (includes guiding and instruction from ACMG-certified guide & office support for pre-camp planning)

Location: Rogers Pass, BC

Meeting place: Rogers Pass Visitor Centre, Highway 1

Meeting time: 8AM on December 30

Camp Itinerary*

  • 8:00: Pre-trip meeting to review gear, go over itinerary, do a group check of avalanche equipment and a review of its use, and choose a location for the day based on avalanche conditions.
  • 8:00-9:00: Carpool to day’s location
  • 9:00-9:30: Beacon practice
  • 9:30-4:00: Ride!
  • 4:00: Course wrap-up in parking lot

*Course end time and driving times are approximate! Please allow extra time before your evening plans.

Topics covered

  • Familiarity with splitboard: how to take apart and put together board, how to put on skins
  • Uphill and downhill riding technique
  • When transitions are appropriate
  • Rolling terrain: travelling downhill in ski mode
  • Avalanche hazard: resources and further training

Level of Difficulty

This camp is designed for riders with at least intermediate in-bounds snowboard ability. Participants should be able to ride the equivalent of blue runs in variable snow conditions with a daypack. You should be prepared to spend 8 hours outside in cold weather: expect to get hot on the uptrack, and cold when you’re sitting or transitioning. At least an intermediate level of fitness will help you enjoy the course and get the most out of the teaching opportunities.

Check out our splitboard-friendly Rogers Pass Powder Camp!

Two full ACMG ski guides (one of whom is secretly a snowboarder) means a great chance to get some riding mileage for people who are intermediate-level in-bounds riders. Some familiarity with your gear is essential: while there will be two groups to accommodate clients of different experience levels and riding ambitions, this camp is not appropriate for complete beginners. You should have taken one of our Intro to Splitboarding days, Intro to Backcountry Skiing courses, or have equivalent experience.

If you are an intermediate rider, this camp promises five days of Rogers Pass powder. Between the lung-burning uphills and exhilerating downhills, you’ll definitely appreciate a chance to dry off and relax with the comfort of the Wheeler hut and a hot meal at the end of the day. If you’ve never done a hut-based trip before, no commute means that you’ll be able to jump straight out the door and into the snow to maximize your riding time. This is a real ski (ride)-in-ski-out holiday: the only way to get to the Wheeler hut in winter is via a 2-km trek.

We take care of all of the accommodations, guiding, and meals. You’ll be safe, warm, and fed, so all you need to bring is your personal gear and enthusiasm for five days of riding that you’ll never forget!

New this year: ACC Splitcamp

20160108-IMG_3915No skiers on this one (sorry). This fast-paced camp is meant for boarders who  want to test their downhill skills in the backcountry. You should be comfortable riding blue-black ungroomed runs at  a resort. This small group (maximum of four participants per staff member) is designed to get on some Rogers Pass classic lines (avalanche conditions permitting, of course). We’ve changed the requirements slightly, so you can expect a camp geared towards newer splitboarders, with plenty of coaching on the uphill and downhill, and a chance to explore backcountry conditions with the safety of a guide.

While there’s plenty of moderate to advanced terrain accessible from the door of the Wheeler hut, the group will also have the option of skiing the short 2km out to the road and carpooling to different areas of Rogers Pass to take advantage of conditions.

The camp is based out of the Wheeler hut: the short trek in maximizes your riding time, and the hut provides a comfortable and warm base to return to every night. Tasty and nutritious meals will give you the energy that you need to push your limits and improve your skills every day of the course.

Important Information

  • Cost: $1,145
  • Location: Rogers Pass, BC
  • Meeting place: Rogers Pass Visitor Centre [map]
  • Meeting time: 8AM on January 15, 2018


  • All guiding and instruction throughout course
  • Group gear (ropes for glacier travel, emergency communication devices, first aid kits)
  • Meals from lunch on day 1 to lunch on day 4
  • Accomodation at Wheeler Hut in Rogers Pass


Participants Must Provide

  • Breakfast on day 1, dinner on day 4
  • Transportation to and from the meeting area and Illecillewaet parking area; carpooling to other areas in Rogers Pass if necessary
  • Personal gear: see gear list in info pack


Camp Itinerary*

Day 1:

  • 8:00: Pre-trip meeting to review gear, go over itinerary, do a group check of avalanche equipment and a review of its use, and carpool or drive to Illecillewaet parking lot
  • 8:00-9:00: Ski in to Wheeler hut; drop overnight gear
  • 9:00-9:30: Beacon practice
  • 9:30-4:00: Ride!IMG_0092.JPG


Day 2-3:

  • Ride classic Rogers Pass objectives, based out of the Wheeler hut


Day 4:

  • Ride all day, then return to your cars in the Illecillewaet Parking lot.


*We can’t control the weather, highway closurses, and other annoying things that can mess with your travel plans! Please don’t make any plans or book flights immediately after the course.


Level of Difficulty

This camp is designed for riders with at least high intermediate to advanced riding ability. Participants should be comfortable on ungroomed black runs, and able to ride double-black runs in most conditions. A high level of fitness is necessary: you can expect 10+ hour days on some bigger objectives. You must have a basic familiarity with your gear, transitions, and uphill riding technique: this camp is not for first-time splitboarders. Previous glacier travel experience is helpful, but not necessary. Please contact the office or consider one of our other splitboard camps if you’re not sure whether this camp is right for you!