Competition Ice Climbing

Competition What?

Organized competition ice climbing is a sport in its infancy. While it has grown from informal contests at ice festivals and dry-tooling competitions at local gyms to a World Cup circuit and a cultural event at the Sochi Olympics, this is still all pretty new.

Competitions have been around in various forms for decades, growing in popularity in recent years. It’s not uncommon to see dry-tooling competitions at local gyms draw international competitors. Competitions take many forms, from pure ice to pure plastic.

Similar to the two other competition sports the ACC oversees, we are our country’s representative federation for ice climbing events internationally.


UIAA World Tour and the Canadian Team

The biggest game for competitive ice climbing is the UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup. The tour currently has stops in Korea, Switzerland, Italy, France and Russia.

The Canadian Ice Climbing Team for 2014 consists of

    • Gordon McArthur
    • Nathan Kutcher
    • Jen Olson