SKIMO National Team

2016 Rankings

2016 Canada Cup Overall Rankings. As of March 20, 2016.


National Team 2017 Announced

The National Ski Mountaineering Team selection process was complete by June 15th for the 2017 season, with qualifying athletes being offered places, and applications submitted from those who wished to participate (by committee decision, the number of results counting toward an individual’s consideration for the team were restored to the usual 3 after the weather or other event cancellations during the past calendars). Canadian Team members for the coming season will include, but not necessarily be limited to:

2015 Canadian National Skimo Team


  • Kylee Toth
  • Melanie Bernier
  • Michelle Katchur Roberts
  • Katarina Kuba



  • Nick Elson
  • Rob Krar
  • Peter Knight
  • Travis Brown



  • Marcus Zamzow
  • Tom Stephen


Development Team

  • Matt Reid
  • Stano Faban
  • Adam Campbell
  • Lori Ann Donald
  • Scott Semple


Team Management

  • SMCC Chair, Team Director – David Dornian
  • Coordinators and Management – Brent Harris, Dave Hurd, Brenda Critchley, Alex Jensen
  • Athlete Representatives – Melanie Bernier (ISMF) To be elected for 2017 (Canada)
  • Travis Brown – Athlete Representative
  • ACC Office – Chelsea Selinger

National Team Selection

2015 Athlete Rankings

Courchevel WC

The Team will be named on the websites, etc. and are on our mailing lists, can be registered for ISMF calendar events, have their names submitted to sponsors, and receive priority of attention when it comes to licensing and administration. Feel free to contact them in relation to individual sponsorship offers, appearances, and promotional opportunities. These folks ski fast, train hard, and are working to qualify for another World Championships season in 2017. They will need your good will and support.

Invariably, after selection is completed, a few new prospects and some previous team members will express their interest in trying to qualify for the Team or for registration to ISMF calendar events. You may see their names in copy on team notices or requests for information. They will be attempting to improve their ranking in regional events for consideration when we select specific athletes for the World Championship or other international competition. They are not considered team members at this point in time but may well be in the future.

Representative athletes for Canada at the World Ski Mountaineering Championships in Italy, February 2017 will be chosen from interested and available Team members, possibly supplemented by applications received between then and now. The licensing, and registration of Team members with the ISMF for calendar events will be undertaken ahead of the season by David Dornian and Chelsea Selinger in consultation with individual athletes, and will involve the usual exchange of forms, information, signed agreements, waivers, anti-doping affidavits and whatever else is required as the dates draw closer. ISMF fees for licensing and event registration (unfortunately not travel or meals/accommodation) will be managed by the Alpine Club of Canada office. Contact Contact Kylee Toth/Ohler about uniform orders.

The SMCC selection committee will consult with Team members, compare performances on dates closer to target international competitions – particularly Vert180 Dec 16, Castle Mountain Jan 17, and possibly a Fernie or Panorama event if they happen before mid-February ‘17 – and then allocate particular race and category registration at ISMF calendar events based on those performances, if necessary.

The 2017 National Team Selection Criteria is online here.

Goals: 2016/2017...

Canada took a team of 9 athletes, and 4 staff to Verbier, Switzerland in the 2015 season and turned in our best World Championships results ever. We finished higher in the nations rankings than ever before and managed to pip our friends from the south on the last day. Particularly strong performances were witnessed in Sprint, and Individual races. Click here to see how it all went down . Since that time, performances of individual team members has improved further. Every year we learn a little more, and share a little better.

Next World Championships will be in the Transcavallo region of Italy from 23rd February to 2nd March 2017, and we intend to mount a major effort for full quotas of competitors and supporters. But there is also a complete Canadian National calendar to contend in the 2016/17 winter season, along with the ISMF North American Championships races, and the Canadian National Championships at Lake Louise on 18,19 March 2017. We will have athletes at the Pierra Menta, and many of the Team will carry the flag to other foreign competitions. Expect more! Our team will outdo itself.