The Alpine Club of Canada

ACC Governance

The Alpine Club of Canada is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors made up of nine positions. Board members are elected for a three-year term with elections staggered such that one third of the board positions are elected each year.

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Isabelle Daigneault, President
Isabelle Daigneault, President

Known in her professional life as a caring leader, Daigneault is no stranger to the ACC, or to the board of directors. She’s been a member for 25 years and served 13 years on the board overseeing portfolios of Access & Environment, Mountain Culture and most recently the club’s governance through her role as club Secretary from 2014 to 2019, leaving the board at the end of her term. Isabelle grew up in Quebec’s Eastern townships. Spending the formative year of her life in Toronto and Montreal, she spent many years climbing, hiking and skiing in the Laurentians and the Adirondacks. She now lives in Canmore with her husband and pre-teen son Simon.

Zac Robinson, GMC 2018
Zac Robinson, VP Mountain Culture
Zac Robinson, Vice-President for Mountain Culture

Zac Robinson is a historian and Associate Professor in the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation at the University of Alberta. An award-winning author and teacher of mountain culture and history, he is a long-time Camp Manager at the Club’s General Mountaineering Camp, as well as a regular contributor to the Canadian Alpine Journal. With Lael Parrott and David Hik, Robinson is the co-editor of the annual State of the Mountains Report, and is a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. He lives in Edmonton, with his partner, Liza, and their boys, Michael and Sacha.

Tim Patterson
Tim Patterson, VP Mountain Culture
Tim Patterson, Vice-President for Mountain Culture (Incoming)

Tim is a working Indigenous A.C.M.G. guide who owns and operates Zùc’mn (Zuc’min) Guiding an Indigenous company that endeavours to advance Indigenous mountain knowledge and culture. His experiences, practices, narratives, and knowledge of living, working, and tramping in the mountains began with many (mis)adventures in the Columbia, Cascade, Coastal and Rocky Mountains.

2024 Introduction

My name is Tim Patterson, I am a member of the Lower Nicola Indian Band outside of Merritt, B.C. that belongs to the Scw̓éxmx (“People of the Creeks”) a branch of the Nlaka’pamux (Thompson) Nation but spent my formative years in Revelstoke B.C. I am honoured to be filling the role of VP Mountain Culture. I enter this role as a working Indigenous A.C.M.G. guide who owns and operates Zùc’mn (Zuc’min) Guiding an Indigenous company that endeavours to advance Indigenous mountain knowledge and culture. My experiences, practices, narratives, and knowledge of living, working, and tramping in the mountains began with many (mis)adventures in the Columbia, Cascade, Coastal and Rocky Mountains. These beautiful places sharpened my mountain skills which were further enhanced with my Indigenous and academic experiences where I focused on the element of Indigenous Knowledge. Beyond taking people into the mountains, opportunities for me to talk about mountains with my involvement in film projects like Beyond Begbie or write about mountains with projects like the Canadian Mountain Assessment have enriched me personally as well as professionally. These influenced my interest in, and subsequent application for, the role of VP of Mountain Culture. It’s my hope to continue to advance the influential work of the amazing people that came before me in this role with the help of you all.

Je m’appelle Tim Patterson, je suis membre de la bande indienne de Lower Nicola, à l’extérieur de Merritt, en Colombie-Britannique, qui appartient au Scw̓éxmx (” Peuple des Creeks “), une branche de la nation Nlaka’pamux (Thompson), mais j’ai passé ma jeunesse à Revelstoke, en Colombie-Britannique. Je prends cette fonction en tant que guide autochtone A.C.M.G. ; j’ai créé Zùc’mn (Zuc’min) Guiding, une entreprise autochtone qui s’efforce de faire progresser les connaissances et la culture autochtones de la montagne. Mes expériences, pratiques, récits et connaissances de la vie, du travail et de la randonnée en montagne ont commencé par de nombreuses (més)aventures dans les montagnes Columbia, Cascade, Coastal et Rocky. Ces endroits magnifiques ont enrichi mes compétences en montagne, qui ont été renforcées par mes expériences autochtones et universitaires, où je me suis concentrée sur Connaissance Autochtone. Outre le fait d’emmener des gens en montagne, j’ai eu l’occasion de parler des montagnes en participant à des projets cinématographiques tels que Beyond Begbie ou d’écrire sur les montagnes dans le cadre de projets tels que le Canadian Mountain Assessment. Ces initiatives m’ont enrichi sur le plan personnel et professionnel. Ces éléments ont influencé mon intérêt pour le poste de vice-président de la culture montagnarde et ma candidature à ce poste. J’espère continuer à faire progresser le travail influent des personnes extraordinaires qui m’ont précédé dans ce rôle avec l’aide de vous tous.

Kathleen Lane
Kathleen Lane, VP Activities
Kathleen Lane, Vice-President for Activities

Kathleen Lane moved to Squamish 10 years ago, and quickly fell in love with mountain adventures. Kathleen joined the ACC in 2017quickly becoming a trip leader with the Vancouver and Squamish sections, and later Chair of the Squamish section. She spends her summers rock climbing and her winters skiing, and tries to spend as much time in the alpine as possible. Kathleen is a not-for-profit executive, working with school districts and governments to foster healthier workplace environments in K-12 education.

Jim Gudjonson, VP Facilites
Jim Gudjonson, Vice-President for Facilites​

Born and raised in Golden, BC, Jim is a certified ACMG/IFMGA mountain guide and long-time member of the ACC. Jim holds an electrical degree as well as a Masters degree in tourism and sustainability. Jim is presently the Director of the Office of Environment & Sustainability at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, BC.

Keith Sanford, Treasurer
Keith Sanford, Treasurer​

Keith Sanford has held several positions on the Calgary Section board, including Vice Chairman and volunteer trip leader. Keith has served as the ACC representative on the board of the Canadian Alpine Centre in Lake Louise and has been the Calgary Section representative on the ACC’s board of directors (now Section Forum). He is an avid backcountry snowboarder (and sometimes skier), rock climber, alpinist and fly fisherman and has been an active member of the ACC for 18 years. In 2014 he received the Silver Rope for Leadership award for his activities with the Calgary Section.

Toby Harper-Merrett, VP Services & Athletics
Toby Harper-Merrett, Vice-President for Services & Athletics

Toby Harper-Merrett joined the ACC in 1997, is a past Chair of the Thunder Bay Section of the ACC, and worked in the ACC Office as Director of Programmes. He lives in Montreal with his wife and two daughters, and is a not-for-profit executive, currently supporting a federal economic development programme.

patrick murdoch
Patrick Murdoch, VP Services & Athletics
Patrick Murdoch, Vice-President for Services & Athletics (Incoming)

Climber, alpinist and skier for over 35 years. Throughout this time, mountain culture has provided Patrick a foundation for lasting friendships, community, and countless adventures. Climbing and alpinism, along with the values promoted by these pursuits and enshrined in the ACC, continue to inspire him.

2024 Introduction

My name is Patrick Murdoch, I’m a lawyer, climber, and father of two based out of Montreal, QC. The VC Position I’ll be filling is Services + Athletics.

As the new VP – Services + Athletics I look forward to working with the ACC staff to enhance membership recruitment and find new ways to ensure members are getting benefit and value from their involvement with the club. I equally look forward to deepening the club’s involvement in the rapidly evolving worlds of competitive sport climbing and ice climbing.

As a VP and ACC board member I’m eager to leverage my legal expertise and passion for climbing to serve the club and its members. Through my legal practice, I have had the opportunity to work with international law firms and corporations and, for the past ten years, build and manage my own firm. I believe this professional experience will parlay well into my role as an ACC board member.

I have been a climber, alpinist and skier for over 35 years. Throughout this time, mountain culture has provided a foundation for lasting friendships, community, and countless adventures. Climbing and alpinism, along with the values promoted by these pursuits and enshrined in the ACC, continue to inspire me. I am thankful today to have the opportunity to give back to the mountain community by serving on the board of the ACC.

Je m’appelle Patrick Murdoch, je suis avocat, alpiniste et père de deux enfants, et j’habite à Montréal, au Québec. J’occuperai le poste de vice-président des services et des sports.

En tant que nouveau membre du conseil d’administration, j’ai hâte de travailler avec les équipes du CAC pour améliorer le recrutement des membres et trouver de nouvelles façons de s’assurer que les membres tirent profit et valeur de leur implication dans le club. J’ai également hâte d’approfondir l’implication du club dans les mondes en pleine évolution de l’escalade sportive et de l’escalade sur glace de compétition.

En tant que vice-président et membre du conseil d’administration du CAC, je suis impatient de mettre mon expertise juridique et ma passion pour l’escalade au service du club et de ses membres. Dans le cadre de ma pratique juridique, j’ai eu l’occasion de travailler avec des cabinets d’avocats et des entreprises internationales et, au cours des dix dernières années, j’ai créé et géré mon propre cabinet. Je pense que cette expérience professionnelle sera très utile dans mon rôle de membre du conseil d’administration du CAC.

Je pratique l’escalade, l’alpinisme et le ski depuis plus de 35 ans. Pendant tout ce temps, la culture de la montagne a été le fondement d’amitiés durables, d’une communauté et d’innombrables aventures. L’escalade et l’alpinisme, ainsi que les valeurs promues par ces activités et consacrées par le CAC, continuent de m’inspirer. Je suis reconnaissant d’avoir aujourd’hui l’occasion de rendre service à la communauté montagnarde en siégeant au conseil d’administration du CAC.

John Andresen, VP Access & Environment
John Andresen, Vice-President for Access & Environment​

John was born in Germany and came to Canada at an early age. He has been a member of the Alpine Club of Canada for thirty years, participating in at least 20 GMCs. He retired from the practice of law in April 2022 and now divides his time between High River, Alberta, and the village of Tahsis on the west side of Vancouver Island, near Strathcona Provincial Park. He has written for the Canadian Alpine Journal and for Alpinist magazine and hopes to write more in the future.

John is grateful for all that the Alpine Club has given him, what he’s been able to see and experience in our high places and the friendships that have been forged there. In his time on the Alpine Club Board, he hopes to repay a little of that great gift the mountains has given him.

Richard Campbell Photo_thumb
Richard Campbell, Secretary
Richard Campbell, Secretary​

Richard Campbell joined the ACC in 2004, and is a trip leader with the Calgary Section, where he introduces new ski tourers to the Canadian Rockies. Richard is the founder of an adventure travel company and an alumnus of Harvard Business School and London Business School, where he was a Sloan Fellow. When not working, he can be found exploring the Rockies with his family.

Steve Traversari, VP Sections
Steve Traversari, Vice-President for Sections​

Steve Traversari was elected VP Sections in 2021. Steve is a long-time member of the Montreal Section.

Emilie Grenier
Emilie Grenier, VP Sections
Emilie Grenier, Vice-President for Sections​ (Incoming)

Emilie has been a long time member of the ACC, with past experience in the ACC Governance Committee. When she’s not on Zoom calls, you can find her pursuing her passion for ice climbing near Golden, BC—her home base.

2024 Introduction

Hi everyone! I’m Emilie, the recently appointed VP Sections. I am a bilingual engagement professional in the environmental nonprofit sector, holding a Master’s in philanthropy and nonprofit leadership. I have a comprehensive understanding of nonprofit board governance thanks to my academic knowledge and extensive practical experience.

Throughout my career, I’ve overseen volunteer-led groups across Canada for various organizations. I’ve successfully led geo-targeted public policy advocacy campaigns and conducted both qualitative and quantitative program impact measurement. I’ve also played a pivotal role in developing and facilitating communities of practice and orchestrating large cross-sectoral workshops.

Leveraging my experience in the ACC Governance Committee over the past year and a half, contributing to Sections governance, I have identified strategic gaps and formulated goals for the next three years as VP Sections. My objectives include cultivating robust relationships with each Section, establishing clear expectations and guidance for oversight, and providing support to Sections in areas like administration and governance. As for my general responsibilities as a board member, I think collaboration, diligent work, and transparent communication are of utmost importance.

I am very dedicated, have a strong work ethic, and an ability to connect with diverse generations of ACC members. I eagerly anticipate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. When I’m not on Zoom calls, you can find me pursuing my passion for ice climbing near Golden, BC—my home base.

Bonjour à tous ! Je suis Emilie, récemment nommée vice-présidente des sections. Je suis une professionnelle bilingue de l’engagement dans le secteur environnemental à but non lucratif, titulaire d’un Master en philanthropie et leadership à but non lucratif. Grâce à mes connaissances académiques et à ma vaste expérience pratique, j’ai une compréhension approfondie de la gouvernance des conseils d’administration d’organisations à but non lucratif.

Tout au long de ma carrière, j’ai supervisé des groupes de bénévoles à travers le Canada pour diverses organisations. J’ai mené avec succès des campagnes de défense des politiques publiques géociblées et j’ai réalisé des mesures qualitatives et quantitatives de l’impact de programmes. J’ai également joué un rôle essentiel dans le développement et l’animation de communautés de pratique et dans l’orchestration de grands ateliers intersectoriels.

Mettant à profit mon expérience au sein du comité de gouvernance du CAC depuis un an et demi, en contribuant à la gouvernance des sections, j’ai identifié les lacunes stratégiques et formulé des objectifs pour les trois prochaines années en tant que vice-présidente des sections. Mes objectifs sont de cultiver des relations solides avec chaque section, d’établir des attentes claires en matière de supervision et de fournir un soutien aux sections qui souhaitent améliorer leur administration et leur gouvernance. En ce qui concerne mes responsabilités générales en tant que membre du conseil d’administration, je pense que la collaboration, le travail assidu et la communication transparente sont de la plus haute importance.

Je suis très dévouée, j’ai une solide éthique de travail et je suis capable d’établir des liens avec diverses générations de membres du CAC. J’anticipe avec enthousiasme les défis et les opportunités qui nous attendent. Lorsque je ne participe pas aux appels Zoom, vous pouvez me trouver en train de poursuivre ma passion pour l’escalade sur glace près de Golden, en Colombie-Britannique, mon port d’attache.

Carine Salvy head shot small (2)
Carine Salvy, Executive Director
Carine Salvy, Executive Director​

Carine brings a diverse background to the ED role with more than 25 years of experience in executive management, corporate governance and leadership in the outdoor industry. Carine was most recently the CEO and co-founder of Mountain Path, a France-based company that works to develop responsible leadership within organizations through experiential learning activities in the mountains. Carine is fluent in French, English and Spanish and is actively involved in the local community, serving on the board of some of the Bow Valley’s not for profit organizations.