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Hut Rates

Cancellation Insurance

The ACC highly recommends trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance to those booking our facilities. In the event that you are forced to cancel your booking due to an emergency, or COVID, or trail closures, etc, this would likely cover you for the cost of non-refundable reservation fees or the non-refundable full and final payment on facility bookings, as well as any accompanying travel arrangements.

For more information about Tugo’s trip cancellation and interruption insurance, click here.


Pricing for all ACC facilities is subject to change without notice.


  Member Non-Member
Clubhouse Hostel $40 $50
Boswell Cabin A $240 $275
Boswell Cabin B $240 $275
Bell Cabin $550 $600

Notes on the Canmore Clubhouse properties:

  • Beds in the Clubhouse are booked on per-bed, per-night basis.
  • The Boswell Cabin and Bell Cabin rates are nightly rates for exclusive booking of the facility.
  • Rates subject to change.


Backcountry Hut Member Non-Member
Elizabeth Parker Hut $40 $50
Winter high season $55 $65
Summer high season $55 $65
Stanley Mitchell Hut $40 $50
Summer high season $55 $65
Asulkan Cabin $40 $50
Winter high season $55 $65
Summer high season $55 $65
A.O. Wheeler Hut $40 $50
Winter high season $55 $65
Summer high season $55 $65

Notes for the above four huts:

  • All prices are per-bed, per-night.
  • Winter high season rates apply from December 1 to April 30 annually.
  • Summer high season rates apply from mid-June to Thanksgiving, annually.
  • With the exception of Parks Canada bus fees to Lake O’Hara (Elizabeth Parker Hut), overnight rates are inclusive of all fees and charges, including Parks Canada Wilderness Pass fees.

To reserve a hut, please call (403) 678-3200 ext 0. 8:30 am to 8:30 pm, 7 days/week.


Backcountry Hut Member Non-Member Season
Bow Hut $40 $50 Open all year
Peyto Hut $40 $50 Open all year
Balfour Hut $40 $50 Open all year
Scott Duncan Hut $40 $50 Open all year
Guy Hut $40 $50 Closed in summer
Sapphire Col Hut $40 $50 Open all year
Glacier Circle Cabin $40 $50 Open all year
Fryatt Hut $40 $50 Open all year
Wates-Gibson Hut $40 $50 Closed in winter
Mt. Alberta Hut $40 $50 Open all year
Mount Colin Hut $40 $50 Closed in winter
Neil Colgan Hut $40 $50 Closed in winter
Castle Mountain Hut $40 $50 Closed in winter
Cameron Lake Cabin $40 $50 Closed for summer
Jacques Lake Cabin $40 $50 Closed for summer
Great Cairn Hut $40 $50 Open all year
Fairy Meadow Hut $40 $50 Open all year

Notes for the above 17 huts:

  • Overnight rates are inclusive of all fees and charges.
  • The Wates-Gibson Hut in the Tonquin Valley is subject to seasonal closures for protection of caribou.
To reserve a hut, please call (403) 678-3200 ext 0. 8:30 am to 8:30 pm, 7 days/week.


  Member Non-Member Season
Kokanee Glacier Cabin 25 $50 Open all year
Elk Lakes Cabin $25 $50 Open all year
Silver Spray Cabin $25 $50 Closed in winter
Woodbury Cabin $25 $50 Closed in winter
Conrad Kain Hut $25 $50 Closed in winter

Notes for the above 5 huts:

  • Kokanee Glacier Cabin is reserved in winter by lottery.
  • There is no discount for ACC members at huts in BC Parks. ACC members and non-members pay the same rates.
  • Family rates at huts in BC Parks are for up to two adults and two children in the same household.
To reserve a hut, please call (403) 678-3200 ext 0. 8:30 am to 8:30 pm, 7 days/week.


Hut For info
Hišimy̓awiƛ (Hi-SHIM-ya-wit) (Vancouver Island) see web page
Jim Haberl Hut (Vancouver) see web page
Tantalus Hut (Vancouver) see web page
Wendy Thompson Hut (Whistler) see web page
Bon Echo Hut (Toronto) see web page
Keene Farm (Montreal) see web page

Notes for the above six huts:

  • All ACC section huts are operated by the local section. Please see details on the individual hut web pages and contact the section directly.

Notes relating to all huts:

  • Orders and Provincial guidelines for gatherings may change between the time of booking and scheduled arrival date. All facility users must meet the current guidelines and restrictions for gatherings during their stay, even if those numbers are less than facility capacities.
  • There are no “transition days” in between bookings. All parties are responsible to sanitize the hut on arrival and before departing.
  • Please read cancellation policies on the Hut Policies page.
  • All guests with bookings at ACC huts are encouraged to read the latest provincial health regulations:
To reserve a hut, please call (403) 678-3200 ext 0. 8:30 am to 8:30 pm, 7 days/week.