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Life Insurance

Ensure financial protection for your loved ones while continuing to do your alpine activities

Getting out in the mountains is what fuels and sustains many people in the mountain communities. However, recreating in the mountains comes with many risks. Mountain people are no stranger to evaluating risk and all have different tolerances. These tolerances can change dramatically when loved ones come into the scene. For example a new family. Life Insurance won’t protect your love ones from the tragic loss of your death, but it can protect them financially while they are grieving were that to happen.

In the spirit of hoping for the best but preparing for the worst, we have decided to partner with Affinity Life to offer our community life insurance plans that are made for outdoor enthusiasts.

Please note, currently Affinity Life Plans are only available in BC, AB, ON and NB. We hope to expand this in the future and will update this page once that happens.

Extreme Sports Life Insurance

What is Extreme Sports Life Insurance?
Check out this article for a thorough description of this product

Unlike many other providers, Extreme Sports Plans are available to cover rock climbing, mountaineering, backcountry skiing, ice climbing and more.

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Real Life Experience

“When I would hear stories of other climbers dying doing what they love, I always brushed it off as lack of skill, strength, focus, competence, or something else. I convinced myself that it would never happen to me because I was better. It wasn’t until I lost my partner and close friend that I realized the reality of what could happen to any of us regardless of skill or strength. I saw firsthand the immense financial stress that happens to a family during a devastating time. I built Affinity Life for all the outdoor enthusiasts who have someone they care about. It will never bring back our loved ones, but it can allow our family to grieve with one less overwhelming stress.”

Philip Setter
Loving Partner, Climber, and Affinity Life CEO

Reviews for Affinity Life

“As opposed to many companies we attempted to get life insurance through, with affinity we filled out a health questionnaire online Instead of doing a long phone conversation, and were approved even though we participate in outdoor activities like climbing and skiing. The approval process was also very fast. Great experience, highly recommend”
– Kirsten Bartsch


“Great no-nonsense platform. The entire application was online and only took a few minutes. A great option for anyone looking for life insurance that covers climbing, skiing, and other “extreme sports” often not covered by traditional life insurance options.”
– Alix Berg


“Phil was super helpful with a slick estimate process better than other companies I’ve dealt with. Easy to work with.”
– Kevin Riddell

“Outstanding service and support with a wealth of knowledge.
The online process was simple and easy to do – even on a mobile device. Well done!”
– Nathan Douglas


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Ensure you select the Extreme Sports Plan if you are rock climbing, backcountry skiing, ice climbing or mountaineering.


  • Affinity Life’s plans can cover activities like rock climbing, trekking, backcountry skiing, ice climbing and mountaineering.
  • Affinity Life are 100% online meaning they can assist you from anywhere and have a great track record with above and beyond customer service.
  • Getting a quote takes just 5 minutes by clicking the Learn More button above and then clicking Get Quote on the Affinity Life webpage.
  • Affinity Life staff understand alpine activities and can give informed advice on insuring your mountain adventures and they donate a portion of their profits to Search and Rescue and other community organizations.