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The ACC has been Canada's national mountain club since 1906. Join us!

ACC memberships are active for one year from the time of purchase and are open to everyone regardless of age, skills or where they live. All ACC members receive the benefits below.

Memberships begin at $26 for Youth, $38 for Adults and $58 for Families.


Local sections of the ACC are the heart and soul of the club. Your membership allows you to join one or more of our 25 sections, from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland and Labrador to the Yukon.

Local section membership allows you to attend the outings, social events and training courses that are organized and run by that section. Outings are either free, or run on a cost-recovery basis. Section members climb, hike and ski together, clean up crags, volunteer, build, and partake in their mountain communities.

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Member Benefits:

  • Access to trips, camps and outings in your area
  • Training programs
  • Social activities


The ACC’s network of 35 backcountry huts is the largest in North America. From family-friendly log cabins in mountain meadows to backcountry powder paradises and remote climbers’ refuges, we’ve got something for everyone.

The ACC operates the Canmore Clubhouse Hostel with dorm-style accommodation, family rooms and private cabins.

Your membership gives you reduced rates at our backcountry huts and hostel.

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Member Benefits:

  • Discounted rates at 35 huts and our Canmore hostel


We’ve been organizing mountain adventures since 1906. We organize camps and courses from weekend to week-long, in summer and winter for climbing, hiking and skiing.

Your membership gives you access to the ACC’s slate of guided mountain adventures. Whether you’re looking for skills courses, hut-based powder camps, women’s only programs, glacier traverses, international trips or our famous General Mountaineering Camp, we have you covered.

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Member Benefits:

  • Access to dozens of guided adventures each summer and winter


The ACC recognizes that access to mountain environments obligates us to understand and protect these unique areas.The ACC advocates for access to and preservation of mountain areas through monetarily supporting conservation projects with our Environment Fund and by publishing and promoting scientific reports. Our work is made possible by our members and member dues.

Your membership in the ACC is an act of preserving Canada’s wild alpine areas.

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Member Benefits:

  • A contribution to preserving our alpine wilderness


Our passion for climbing and alpine environments is expressed in different ways, with some of the most long lasting being the films and writing that recall the experiences in the mountains. The ACC furthers mountain culture through our journals, magazines, online newsletters and content and through our partnership with the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festivals, of which the ACC is a founding partner. This is our Mountain Culture.

Your membership gives you free and discounted rates on all ACC publications.

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Member Benefits:

  • Discounted rate ($10 saving) on annual Canadian Alpine Journal (optional membership upgrade)
  • Free Gazette magazine (choice of digital or mailed copy)
  • Bi-weekly Dispatch email newsletter


To further our goals of protecting the environment, promoting mountain experiences and fostering leadership, the ACC annually provides financial assistance for mountain projects.

We fund private trips and expeditions through the Jen Higgins Grant for Young Women and the John Lachlan Award; protection and preservation initiatives through our Environment Grant, and leadership development through multiple scholarships.

Funding priority is given to projects initiated by the ACC and its members.

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Member Benefits:

  • Priority consideration for grants and scholarships


Did you know that your ACC membership provides you with some sweet discounts?

  • ACC Store: 15% off on all products in our store.
  • The North Face: 50% off apparel and 40% off gear
    • Apply here at The North Face Pro. Fill in the form including naming “The Alpine Club of Canada” as your “Company/Organization” and our friends at TNF will get back to you with a welcome email explaining all the rules and next steps.
    • The program allows you to spend up to $2,000, twice a year.
    • This program requires an active ACC membership.


The ACC has a standing Leadership Development Committee to facilitate the club’s goal of training and supporting mountain leaders across Canada.

Local sections schedule regular climbing, skiing and hiking outings and members are welcome to attend, learn and lead trips, furthering their skills. The national club offers intensive week-long leadership development courses in both summer and winter.

Your membership gives you access to training opportunities at both the local section and at the national club. Members have access to our extensive leadership manuals and handbooks.

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Member Benefits:

  • Training courses and chance to lead outings at local sections
  • Access to professional, week-long summer and winter training courses
  • Access to ACC leadership manuals and handbooks


ACC Membership

We’ve been passionate about climbing, hiking and skiing in alpine environments for over 100 years. Everyone is welcome.