The Alpine Club of Canada

The Canadian Alpine Journal (CAJ) 2017


Edited by Sean Isaac
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Volume 100

Torre Egger Solo • Marc-Andre Leclerc
Cinderella Story • Vikki Weldon
Postern • Tim McAllister
Exiled • Joshua Lavigne
Ouvertures en Terre de Baffin • Nicolas Favresse
Mountain Focus • Bryce Brown

The North • The West Coast • The Interior • The Rockies • The East • Foreign • Remembrances • Reviews

Published by The Alpine Club of Canada
Pages: 192 • 8.25 x 9.5 • softcover
Full colour Illustrations: Photos, maps, route topos.


The Canadian Alpine Journal has been the flagship of the Alpine Club of Canada and the voice of the Canadian mountain world for over a century. The CAJ, published since 1907, is Canada’s record of mountaineering accomplishments. The CAJ is noted worldwide for its fine mountain literature and classic style.

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