The Alpine Club of Canada

Summit Series 14 : Young at Heart (Richard and Louise Guy)


by Chic Scott
Published by The Alpine Club of Canada
Softcover, 8.5 x 11
40 pages, colour photos

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Do you think that you are over the hill? You have retired and you feel there is not much more to look forward to. Well think again! This book, about the inspirational lives of Richard and Louise Guy, will show you that there is a great deal of life beyond the set retirement age of 65 and beyond 75 and beyond 85.

Arriving in Canada in 1965, near the age of 50, Richard and Louise Guy taught all of us what it means to be enthusiastic, positive and to embrace life. They climbed mountains well into their nineties, and Richard still works today at the age of 96. Louise rode her bike to the corner store until she was 92.

So stop your whining about your knees and hips! Life was never meant to be easy! But it can still be beautiful, long past the so-called age of youth and dreams. Life into old age can be a treasure to be enjoyed and shared. And if you are like Richard and Louise, the adventures and dreams just keep coming.