The Alpine Club of Canada

Summit Series 9 : Alpine Odyssey (Lloyd “Kiwi” Gallagher)


by R.W. Sandford
Published by The Alpine Club of Canada
ISBN 0-920330-56-8
Softcover, 8.5 x 11
28 pages, colour photos

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Lloyd Gallagher has been climbing mountains for more than sixty years. During that time he has never ceased to encourage others to see and enjoy what he experienced in his remarkable life. Ever independent but completely reliable, Lloyd was one of the founding inspirations in the creation of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides. He was present at the very beginning to help spark and build the Canadian Mountain Holidays reputation and legacy. He was and continues to be one of the most positive and sustaining influences in the development of Canadian outbound mountaineering ambitions abroad especially in South America and the Himalayas. His competence and discipline were the foundation of the evolution of an elite mountain rescue capacity in Alberta’s provincial park system. A lifelong supporter and member of The Alpine Club of Canada, Lloyd knows and is respected by everyone in Canada’s mountain community.