Request for Proposal
Facilitation of Strategic Planning

The Alpine Club of Canada seeks a qualified consultant to guide the program advisors through a facilitated process to discern priorities for the program in alignment with the mission and approach of Inspiring Girls Expeditions, The Alpine Club of Canada, and also focusing on the unique Canadian context that Girls on Ice Canada operates within. While considerable time has been spent in collaboration with Inspiring Girls Expeditions to develop a clear mission, we realize that we need to better define the vision and values guiding our program in Canada. The desired outcomes of this facilitated process are:
  1. Girls on Ice Canada will have arrived at agreement and adopted statements of identity that reflect in language and spirit the unique vision and values and circumstances of the Canadian experience.
  2. Girls on Ice Canada will have adopted a clear strategic framework setting direction for propelling the organization forward over the coming 3-5 years, outlining a path forward and in the process strengthening its equity framework.

Location: Remote
Contract date: December 2020 through March 2021

What is the Girls On Ice Canada program?

Girls on Ice Canada is a tuition-free, science-immersion summer wilderness expedition for high school girls. The expedition is a program of The Alpine Club of Canada, offered in partnership with Inspiring Girls Expeditions and The Girls on Ice Canada Society. The 12-day experience interweaves science, art and adventure to inspire leadership, curiosity and confidence in the next generation of female-identifying leaders. As with Inspiring Girls Expeditions, Girls on Ice Canada is focused on the important work of:
  1. Increasing the participation and diversity of women in field sciences, art, and outdoor recreation. We encourage attitudes which foster supportive and inclusive science and outdoor communities.
  2. Fostering young women’s self-confidence in their physical, intellectual, and leadership abilities while creating lifelong advocates for Earth science and wilderness stewardship.

Girls on Ice Canada is dedicated to providing an inclusive experience where participants of different races, ethnicities, heritages, sexual orientations, gender identities, faiths, ability levels, economic statuses, and geographic settings are learning together and from each other. While we are proud of the impact our programs have already made in modelling this core value, we also acknowledge the need for improvement in our language, programming, and policies. The work described in this Request for Proposal outlines what we believe are some vital next steps in this critical work.

Key Questions

It is hoped that the process will probe areas of dialogue and discernment in the following arenas:
  1. Vision: How do we envision the world to be different as a result of our efforts? What is the difference we seek to make and where?
  2. Values: What are the key guiding principles that set boundaries around our work and inform all decision making? What are the core underpinnings that are the essence of what we believe?
  3. Strategic framework: How can our visions unfold along a continuum over time? What are the core areas of work that must become our focus and path into the future? What follows are a few thought
    • Raising Awareness: How do we/should we invite diversity of ideas, perspectives and backgrounds in language, curriculum and habit – perspectives that emphasize cultural competence in our work?
    • Professional Growth: How do we/should we build in paths for participant, staff, volunteer professional development and career development to guide us toward our vision?
    • Structure and Systems: What must we adopt as organizational policies and practices that ensure mission-driven work is manifested in equity and inclusion at all levels of the organization?
    • Phasing our work: As a small and relatively young organization, what phases and timelines can we articulate to create a manageable path forward? What are the priorities in each phase?
  • Pre-planning. Working with the Girls on Ice Canada leadership team in shaping a meaningful process for achieving the desired outcomes and deep dialogue around the key questions.
  • Facilitation, shaping and guiding each session to enable full and balanced conversation.
  • Documentation of all conversations as well as distillation of essential agreements.
  • In the context of our Canadian program we are seeking a facilitator with experience in addressing issues of reconciliation and equity. We recognize that this is an area where we need to grow and develop clear strategies to better serve the participants of our programs who come from diverse backgrounds and across the country.
  • This must be a process that is conducted in a virtual environment. We are seeking a facilitator who demonstrates their ability to enable an inviting, visually guided series of virtual conversations.
  • As a non-profit organization the proposed work will be funded by a grant which has not yet been secured. We are looking for proposals


We are seeking proposals to be submitted by October 16, 2020. Once we have selected a facilitator, and secured funding for this work, we plan to go through this process between December 2020 and March 2021.


Submissions should include:
  • Cover letter
  • Resumé
  • Samples of similar past strategic planning agendas, activities and written materials successful with non-profit organizations, especially other education or outreach organizations
  • Two client references including contact information
  • Project methodology (include detailed work plan)
  • Proposed timeframe (express in terms of consecutive weeks required from the time the contract begins)
  • Detailed budget for project
Please submit proposals or any questions to