National Office Staff

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Main Office:

The Alpine Club of Canada
PO Box 8040
Canmore, Alberta T1W 2T8

Phone: 403 678 3200
Fax: 403 678 3224
Email: General Inquiries

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Executive Director
Lawrence White
Contact Lawrence


Services Director
Chelsea Lindsay
Contact Chelsea


Facilities Admin Manager
Rob Shears
Contact Rob


Director of Development
Jolene Livingston
Contact Jolene


Mountain Adventures Coordinator
Tara McConnery
Contact Adventures Coordinator


Finance Director
Kish Stephenson
Contact Kish


Facilities Director
Rick Gardiner
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Marketing & Communications Manager
Keith Haberl
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Office Manager
Micki Chong
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Communications Specialist - Digital and Print Publications
Kristy Davison
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IT Director
Jefferey Lockyer
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Programs Director
Christopher Petrauskas
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Maintenance Manager 
Bill Cardinal
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Publications Manager
Zac Bolan
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Communications & Marketing Specialist - Digital and Print Publications
Peter Hoang
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