Crevasse Rescue: Summer Mountaineering Skills

Get prepared for the upcoming mountaineering season with this comprehensive two-day course. We’ll cover all of the basic rope skills you need for summer glacier travel as well as how to deal with a crevasse fall scenario safely and efficiently.


The first day is split between a morning session at the climbing gym and an afternoon outdoor-based session. You’ll review essential climbing knots, how to descend and ascend a rope, and learn how to set up a hauling system. Your guide will also discuss the use of commercially-available crevasse rescue equipment (pulleys and ready-made systems) and provide opportunity to practice with these.

Your two-hour outdoor-based session will cover glacier travel basics, roped and unroped skiing, types of snow anchors, and review the different steps to a crevasse rescue.

The field day will let you practice your new skills in a realistic outdoor environment. The group will drive to Kananaskis or the Icefields Parkway (based on conditions), where you’ll practice arresting a fall, transferring the load to an anchor, and going through the steps for the rest of a rescue. You’ll also get a chance to practice advanced crevasse rescue scenarios, including a 2-person rescue and an unroped fall into a crevasse.


Because this course is based out of Canmore, you’ll have a chance to go more into depth with rope systems and techniques than you would have on a field-based course. For people who are looking to become independent mountaineers, we recommend that this course be taken together with our First Summits camps.

Level of Difficulty: Moderate

This camp is designed for participants that have some previous scrambling, climbing or mountaineering experience and are looking to expand their terrain choices. 


  • June 9th - 10th, 2018
  • $325 + tax
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Camp Itinerary

  • First Day

3-hour gym session:
• Basic knots: essential climbing knots (prusik, clove hitch, munter hitch, munter-mule-overhand, double-fisherman’s, girth hitch)
• Ascending & descending rope
• Mechanical advantage: setting up a haul system 
• Use of specific equipment (pulleys, micro-traction, ready-built systems) 

2-hour outdoor-based session:
• Glacier travel basics (where & why crevasses form); roped & unroped skiing; transferring load
• Types of snow anchors 
• Review of crevasse rescue steps

  • Second Day

Field day:
• Arresting a crevasse fall
• Transferring load to an anchor
• Hands-on practice of setting up and executing hauling systems 
• Special scenarios: 2-person rescue, unroped fall into crevasse 

Gear, Food & Lodging

  • ACMG certified guiding and instruction throughout the course
  • All group gear
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Personal gear
  • Personal crevasse rescue kit 
  • A National Park Vehicle Pass, where required

Crevasse Rescue: Summer Mountaineering Skills Camp Staff