Learn to Lead: Trad Climbing

Fast-track your lead climbing on traditonally-protected rock routes with a fully-certified ACMG rock guide.


Have you got some sport climbing experience under your belt but are wanting to push your climbing to the next level? Do you long to climb in the mountains unhindered by the straightjacket of having to stick to prepared and bolted lines? Learning to trad climb can be a truly liberating if intimidating experience for a climber.

To climb without the security and assistance of artificial bolts can be terrifying, but opens up whole guide-books of new routes. And hey, it feels pretty good to be self-sufficient, climbing the rock as nature designed, rather than with the assistance of those that have gone before.

The Canadian Rockies are a world class destination that host thousands of climbers from around the world. Our Learn to Lead: Trad camp makes full use of this incredible environment to take you to the next level in your climbing.


Led and taught by experienced ACMG guides, we will take you through the skills and decision you need to be confident when trad climbing. From gear, to placements, to anchors, communication and all that lies between, you will come out of this course empowered to expand your horizons.

Climbing isn’t hard, but your mind certainly plays enough tricks on you to make you think it is. With the knowledge and confidence you will gain from the ACC’s Learn to Lead course, take yourself up a notch and give yourself the credit you deserve as you finish the last pitch of the day.

Level of Difficulty: Moderate

For those that already lead climb sport and with rope-handling and belay skills, this is the course for you. Difficulty of grade is not important for this course as hard skills will focus on lead trad climbing development. This is not a learn to climb course. This course is designed for those that already sport climb and want to develop their trad skills.


  • June 23rd - 24th, 2018
  • $450 + tax
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Camp Itinerary

Saturday: Meet at Rocky Mountain Bagel Co. at 8:00 am, car pool to climbing area and hike in, review safety and basic climbing skills, rappelling and cleaning, progress from top rope, to mock lead to leading

Sunday: Meet at Rocky Mountain Bagel Co at 8:00 am, car pool to climbing area, hike in, review lessons from previous day, continue progression from mock lead to lead

Gear, Food & Lodging

  • Instruction throughout the camp by ACMG guides
  • Ropes and group gear
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation to/from Canmore and climbing areas (participants are expected to car pool)
  • All your meals
  • Personal gear (see Gear List)
  • National Park passes (if required) 

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