Waiver Download

All participants in activities sponsored by The Alpine Club of Canada are required to sign the ACC’s Release of Liability (Waiver).

ACC Trip Policies

The following policies apply to all ACC trips and outings:

National Camp Registration

Registration for the ACC’s National Adventures is subject to our Registration Policies and Procedures . Please note that this registration procedure applies to Adventures run by the national club and does not apply to outings run by ACC local sections.

Liability Insurance for Club Activities – We’ve Got You Covered

The venues (outdoor and indoor) in which we all recreate can be potentially dangerous places and we all know that accidents can happen.

The ACC’s first goal is always to prevent accidents and injuries through safety education and leadership training. But the Club also carries a comprehensive liability insurance policy that covers all members and employees in case of property damage or personal bodily injury.
Being covered by this policy is a benefit of ACC membership and it might be a bigger benefit than many people think.
If you’re an ACC member and you’re leading an ice climbing outing or helping out with the logistics of a ski camp or belaying in a sport climbing competition – any official ACC activity – you’re covered under our policy. If an accident happens that results in a lawsuit, the ACC’s insurance company steps in and covers legal bills and damages to $5 million.
Liability insurance is something we all hope we never have to use. But like your helmet or your crevasse rescue skills, it’s good to know that it’s in place should you ever need it.
For more information on The Alpine Club of Canada’s liability coverage, please contact either Micki Chong (email or phone 403-678-3200 ext 108) or Chelsea Lindsay (email or phone 403-678-3200 ext 112).
The ACC also sells personal trip cancellation insurance and emergency medical insurance (that covers climbing). See our Trip Insurance page .