Eric Brooks Leader Award

A Mountaineering and Ski Mountaineering Award for Strong Commitment to Learning and Applying Technical and Leader Skills

This award was instituted in 2001; its name was changed to honour Eric Brooks in 2005.

It is intended, under normal circumstances, that the Eric Brooks Leader Award would be awarded as a prerequisite to obtaining the Silver Rope for Leadership Award.

Born in England in 1902, Eric Brooks was a teacher by profession. He joined the ACC in 1929, and until his death in 2001, Eric devoted much of his energy to the Club. In 1937 he was awarded the Silver Rope for Leadership, was President from 1941 to 1947, and Honorary President from 1954 to 1964. While representing the ACC at the Alpine Club centenary in London, he was made an Honorary Member of that club. He acted for many years as the Camp Manager of the General Mountaineering Camp. In 1995 he was awarded the A.O. Wheeler Legacy Award. Few members have made such a significant contribution to the Club over such a prolonged period of time. But Eric’s contribution to the Club was not restricted to his lifetime. As part of his estate, Eric bequeathed $50,000 to the Club, the annual investment income to be used to support the publication of the ACC’s Canadian Alpine Journal.

Award Eligibility and Contribution

In order to be eligible for the Eric Brooks Leader Award, the nominee must:

  • Be an active ACC Member
  • Demonstrate a strong, consistent commitment to learn and apply technical and leader skills in mountaineering or ski mountaineering on Club or section organized activities over a minimum period of 3 years.

The term “mountaineering” includes activities such as technical rock or ice climbing or route-finding abilities demonstrated on National or section organized activities.

Nomination Process

Nominations must be made

  • In writing via the Eric Brooks Leader Award Form below
  • By a Club member
  • By endorsement from the nominee’s Section Executive, represented by the Chairperson; or
  • For an unaffiliated member, by unanimous decision of the Awards Committee, represented by the Chair.
  • Before December 31


  • Approval of a nomination requires not less than two-thirds of the voting members of the Awards Committee
  • Award winners will be announced at the Club’s Annual General Meeting

Award format

  • Plaque describing the award

Nomination Form

Eric Brooks Leader Award - Past Recipients

2021         Blanchard, Grant
2020         Traversari, Steve
2020         Tison, Marie
2020         Hepfner, Brent
2019         O'Brien-Kelly, Paul
2019         Hallman, Tyler
2019         Dupuis, Elisabeth
2019         Bowler, Mike
2018         Potter, Anne Drew
2018         McMinn, Mike
2018         McMinn, Amber
2018         Kirk, Neil
2018         Fortune, Alan
2018         Ferries, Alastair
2017         Peel, Raz
2017         Mayerhofer, Marion
2017         MacPherson, Scott
2017         Karcha, Foster
2017         Hemingson, Howard
2017         Harden, Marc
2017         Frydrychova, Lida
2017         Carlson, Mark
2017         Blais, Casey
2017         Aherne, Jeremiah
2016         Rockarts, Steven
2016         Twitchell, Susan
2016         Trudeau, Paul
2016         Drotar, Nathalie
2016         Drotar, Gerry
2016         McElroy, Thomas
2016         Jungen, Luca
2016         Hofmann, Martin
2014         Rosin, Mark
2014         Guptill, Jason
2014         Dmytrowich, Jeffrey
2013         Steiner, Nadja
2013         Steiner, Harald (Harry)
2013         Campbell, David
2011         Naroznik, Martin
2009         Seigert, Martin
2009         Mayerhofer, Reinhold
2009         Leblanc, Rob
2009         Fluker, Shaun
2008         Irwin, Kris
2008         Hines, Dustin
2007         Cox, Ken
2007         Bergman, Ernst
2006         Bosch, Neil
2005         Rothermel, Peter
2005         Huybers, John
2005         Hanson, Margaret
2004         Fulford, Doug
2003         Woodsworth, Peter
2002         Ebendinger, Claire