Honorary Membership

An Honour for Contributions in Canadian Mountaineering

Honorary Membership in the ACC was instituted in 1906 at the first meeting of the Club. The current form of this award is a special pin accompanied by a brass on wood plaque.

Honorary Membership is the highest recognition the Alpine Club of Canada offers for contributions to Canadian mountaineering and includes a life membership in the ACC. It is presented to individuals with a strong and sustained commitment to the Canadian mountain environment and Canadian mountaineering – recipients will have given outstanding service to the Canadian climbing community.

Award Eligibility and Contribution

In order to be eligible for ACC Honorary Membership, the nominee must:

  • have a strong and sustained commitment (20+ years) to the Canadian mountain environment and Canadian mountaineering
  • be acting on a voluntary basis or exceeding value of their remuneration
  • have contributed outstanding service to the Canadian climbing community in the following areas:
    • the advancement of Canadian mountaineering through exceptional activities in the Canadian mountain environment;
    • the promotion of mountain activities in Canada; and
    • the advancement of the goals and ideals of the ACC, as they are described in the Club's Constitution.

Membership in the ACC is not a requirement for consideration for the Honorary Membership.

Nomination Process

Nominations must be made

  • In writing via the Honorary Membership Form below
  • By a Club member
  • Before December 31 of the current year.


  • The Awards Committee will review the nominations and submit its recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval.
  • Approval of a nomination requires not less than three-quarters of the voting members of the Board of Directors.
  • Award winners will be announced at the Club’s Annual General Meeting.

Award format

  • ACC Pin plus brass on wood plaque describing the award.

Nomination Form

Honorary Membership - Past Recipients

2019         Baldwin, John

1983         Beckey, Fred

2011         Blanchard, Barry

1996         Boles, Glen

1969         Brooks, Eric C.

2019         Brusse, Robert

1908         Bryce, James

1974         Carter, Neal M.

1987         Clarke, John

1930         Coleman, A.P.

1906         Collie, J. Norman

1987         Culbert, Dick

1906         Deville, E.

1957         Evans, R. Charles

1906         Fay, Charles E.

2011         Feller, Michael

1980         Feuz, Edward Jr.

1991         Forest, Donald J.

1998         Fuhrmann, Peter

N/A           Gabet, F.

2012         Gallagher, Lloyd

1945         Gardiner, Kate

1986         Gmoser, Hans

1906         Green, W.S.

2008         Guy, Louise

2008         Guy, Richard

1975         Hall Jr., Henry S.

1976         Harrison, William

1931         Henshaw, Mrs. J.W.

1969         Hind, Robin C.

2008         Jones, David

1907         Laussedat, Aime

1976         Ledingham, W. Cam

2005         Lomas, Eric

1925         MacCarthy, A.H.

1985         March, Wm. (Bill)

2020         Microys, Helmut

2012         Morrow, Pat

2005         Mortimer, Mike

1938         Munday, Phyl

1979         Neave, Roger

1930         Odell, Noel E.

1908         Outram, James

2017         Parker, Gilbert

1906         Parker, Mrs. H.J

1985         Putnam, William L.

2016         Ricker, Karl

2018         Scremin, Liz

2000         Scott, Chic

2008         Serl, Don

1953         Shipton, Eric E.

2012         Shokoples, Cyril

1947         Smythe, Frank

2007         Talbot, Malcolm

2007         Tarrant, Jim

1945         Thorington, J. Monroe

1914         Walcott (Vaux), Mary

2008         Wallis, Roger

1972         Warrack, Allan

1967         Washburn, Bradford

1947         Westmorland, H.

1922         Wheeler, Arthur O.

2006         Wheeler, John

1906         Whymper, Edward

1985         Wiessner, Fritz

1909         Wilcox, Walter D.

1967         Wood, Walter A.

1921         Woolley, Hermann J.