President's Award

A Special Award to Recognize Extraordinary Services to The Alpine Club of Canada

The President’s Award is presented to individuals deserving recognition for extraordinary service towards the activities of the ACC. This award is available to both ACC members and non-members. The form of this award is a wood and brass plaque. Starting with the 2006 award nominations the President’s Award has replaced the Special Award which was instituted in 1984.

Award Eligibility and Contribution

In order to be eligible for the President's Award, the nominee must:

  • Must be acting on a voluntary basis or exceeding value of their remuneration
  • Must have given extraordinary service to the Alpine Club of Canada, notably special service outside the scope of other awards.

Membership in the ACC is not a requirement for consideration for the Honorary Membership.

Nomination Process

Nominations must be made

  • In writing via the President's Award Nomination below
  • By a Club member
  • Before December 31 of the current year.


  • The Awards Committee will review the nominations and submit its recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval.
  • Approval of a nomination requires not less than three-quarters of the voting members of the Board of Directors.
  • Award winners will be announced at the Club’s Annual General Meeting.

Award format

  • Brass on wood plaque describing the award.

Nomination Form

President's Award - Past Recipients

2015       Aitchison, Peter
2014       Williamson, John E. (Jed)
2014       Joyce, Wallace R.
2013       Young, Chuck
2012       Williams, Andy
2012       Kinney, Rev. George B.
2012       ACMG
2008       Powter, Geoff
1999       Toft, Murray
1999       McTighe, Don
1998       Harrison, Brad
1998       DeMarsh, Leslie
1996       Wood, Sharon
1996       Skreslet, Laurie
1996       Morrow, Pat
1996       Congdon, Dwayne
1995       Verrall, Dan
1995       Shackleton, Wayne
1995       Clay, Dave
1991       Scott, Chic
1989       Stefanick, George
1989       Lajuneusse, John
1988       Wackerle, Johnny
1988       Vroom, Bill
1988       Morrow, Pat
1988       Armitage, Linder
1987       Talbot, Malcolm
1987       Lajuneusse, John
1984       DeMontigny, Dennis