Silver Rope for Leadership Award

A Mountaineering and Ski Mountaineering Award for Excellence in Leadership and Technical Ability

This award is presented to members in good standing with the ACC who have demonstrated technical skills and leadership abilities of a high caliber in mountaineering or ski mountaineering over a number of years. The term “mountaineering” will include activities such as technical rock or ice climbing or route-finding abilities demonstrated on National or Section organized activities.

The Silver Rope for Leadership Award was instituted in 1933.  The form of this award is the Silver Rope pin and a brass on wood plaque describing the award.

Award Eligibility and Contribution

In order to be eligible for the Silver Rope for Leadership Award, the nominee must:

  • Be an active ACC member
  • Have demonstrated excellence in technical skills and leadership abilities of a high calibre in mountaineering or ski mountaineering on Club or section organized activities over a period exceeding 10 years.

The term “mountaineering” includes activities such as technical rock or ice climbing or route-finding abilities demonstrated on National or Section organized activities.

It is intended that the Eric Brooks Leader Award be awarded before qualifying for the Silver Rope for Leadership Award.

Nomination Process

Nominations must be made

  • In writing via the Silver Rope for Leadership Award Nomination Form below
  • By two active holders of the Silver Rope for Leadership Award; or
  • By unanimous decision of the nominee’s Section Executive, represented by the Chairperson; or 
  • For an unaffiliated member, by unanimous decision of the Awards Committee, represented by the Chair.
  • Before December 31


  • Approval of a nomination requires not less than two-thirds of the voting members of the Awards Committee
  • Award winners will be announced at the Club’s Annual General Meeting

Award format

  • ACC Silver Rope Pin and plaque describing the Award

Nomination Form

Silver Rope for Leadership Award - Past Recipients

1989           Aitchison, Peter

2018           Peter Amann

1995           Andrews, Ron

1963           Arbuckle, Dugald

1973           Baird, Patrick

1935           Beattie, Canfield

1934           Bell, F.C.

1956           Bidwell, David

1980           Blumer, Leon

1971           Boles, Glen

1948           Brett, John

1934           Bridgland, M.P.

2001           Briggs, Sandy

2011           Broda, Fips

1999           Brolsma, Masten

1937           Brooks, Eric C.

1955           Bruce-Robertson, Alan

1962           Cade, Jack A.V.

2008           Camire, Felix

2016           Checkland, Rick

1994           Clay, Dave

1934           Cleveland, W.H.

1976           Cook, Judy

2009           Cox, Ken

1978           Creore, Jo Ann

1935           Cuthbertson, R.J.

2016           Denson, Rob

2003           Dornian, Dave

1970           Dowling, Phil J.

1934           Drinnan, A.W.

2018           Nathalie Drotar

2017           Dmytrowich, Jeffrey

1975           Embacher, Uwe

1954           Faberge, Alex C.

2013           Fairley, Bruce

1960           Fairly, J.J.

2013           Fedyna, Steve

1958           Fisher, David R.

1934           Forde, J.P.

1978           Forest, Donald J.

1934           Foster, W.W.

1978           Foubister, Murray

1964           Fraser, Bruce

2018           Lida Frydrychova

1938           Fyles, T.

2004           Geddes, Paul

1934           Gibson, E. Rex

1940           Gilman, Bradley B.

1982           Gottselig, Len

1934           Grave, H.J.

1991           Haden, Mike

1978           Haring, Klau

1934           Hickson, J.W.A.

1935           Hind, Robin C.

1960           Hopkins, Eric

2009           Huybers, John

1978           Jordan, Bob

1976           Kariel, Herb

1954           Kato, Jo G.

1937           Kramer, Andrew W.

1964           Kruszyna, Robert

1995           Larlee, Ken

1958           Lash, Alfred W.

1934           Lindsay, L.H.

1934           MacCarthy, A.H.

1938           MacPherson, A.D.

2000           Main, Allan

2004           Marchand, Roger

1982           Matthews, Ronald

1979           Mattice, Jim

1934           McCoubrey, A.A.

1975           McIntosh, William

1934           McTavis, D.N.

1948           Melville, Alan

1961           Merler, Scipio

1985           Miskiw, Orvel

1934           Moffat, T.B.

1958           Morrison, Donald

2012           Morton, Dr. Don

1948           Munday, Phyl

1934           Munday, W. Don

1936           Neave, Ferris

1934           Neave, Roger

2003           Nelson, Doug

1976           Norman, Judy

1934           Odell, Noel E.

1972           Parfitt, David

2001           Parker, Kenneth

2004           Pasmeny, Steve

1980           Patterson, J.D.

2002           Pianka, Frank

2013           Plasman, Rod

1941           Prescott, Polly

1988           Reader, Roly

1934           Richardson, C.A.

2002           Rode, Howard

1999           Roe, Cam

1980           Roe, Dick

1999           Rowlands, Peter

1934           Sampson, H.E.

2013           Sanford, Keith

1997           Saul, Marg

1966           Scholes, Robert E.

2001           Serl, Don

1990           Shackleton, Wayne

1934           Sharpe, D.R.

1988           Shokoples, Cyril

1934           Sibbald, Andrew S.

2018           Siegert, Martin

1971           Smith, Gertrude L.

1969           Smith, Wayne

1956           Sparling, Walter

1975           Spear, Peter B.

1997           Stirling, Bob

1988           Stoliker, Paul

2013           Strangemann, Andy

1972           Struck, Bruno

1950           Tarrant, James

1967           Tewnion, John

2001           Thompson, Mike

1934           Thomson, H.F.

1980           Varnam, Russell I.

1991           Wallis, Roger

2013           Walker, Sandy

1934           Waterman, F.N.

1934           Wates, C.G.

1967           Wessel, David

1947           Westmorland, H.

1979           Whalley, E.W.

1934           Wheeler, Arthur O.

1978           White, James W.

1934           Wilson, L.C.

1952           Woods, Don M.

1994           Young, Chuck

1951           Young, David W.

1997           Youwe, Phil

2017           Zemrau, David