Andrew (Andy) Williams

Since 1976, Andy Williams has been an accomplished mountaineer and a glacier pilot in the St. Elias Icefield Ranges of Kluane National Park Reserve.  Andy’s ski-equipped supercharged Helio Courier aircraft has flown countless mountaineers and researchers, from around the world, in and out of their glacier camps. The fact that this region contains the world’s largest non-polar icefields ensures brutal weather and an environment in constant change. Undoubtedly many climbers owe their lives to Andy’s high altitude rescues (see 1990 Japanese climbers rescue at 17,000 feet on Mount Logan). For approximately ten years, ending in 1981, Andy flew 200 flights into a high altitude research station at 5311M, 17,425 feet on the side of Mount Logan. With calm and determined precision Andy built his reputation of flying excellence.Andy Williams has assisted hundreds of climbers, many of them ACC members, over the course of his flying career. Andy continues to be a recognized source of knowledge to the mountain community.

Andy Williams was awarded the Alpine Club of Canada’s President’s Award in 2012.