Arthur Oliver Wheeler

Born in Ireland in 1860, Arthur Oliver Wheeler arrived in Canada in 1876 and became a land surveyor. He made photo-topographical surveys of the Selkirks and the British Columbia-Alberta boundary through the Rockies. In 1906, he and Elizabeth Parker were the principal founders of the Alpine Club of Canada. He was its first President, and Editor of the Canadian Alpine Journal from 1907 to 1930, and Honorary President from 1926 until his death in 1945. He was the driving force behind two of the Club’s most successful expeditions, the 1913 Mt. Robson camp and the 1925 ascent of Mt. Logan.

For more information on the Wheeler family, read the Summit Series booklet: Among the Great Hills: Three Generations of Wheelers, available through the online store.

A.O. Wheeler was awarded Honorary Membership in 1922 and the Silver Rope for Leadership in 1934.