Carl Hannigan

Dr. Carl Hannigan joined the Alpine Club of Canada in 1979 as a member of the Calgary Section. His contributions to the goals and objectives of the ACC have been substantive, meaningful and long lasting. Over the years, Carl has been effective as a fundraiser (for the new Bow Hut), a great supporter of Canadian mountaineering expeditions (longest serving director of the Canadian Himalayan Society and member of the ACC Expeditions Committee), an environmentalist dedicated to waste management solutions in backcountry hut operations (contributed to the creation of the Backcountry Environmental Energy Solutions – BEES) and a committed visionary for an ACC national backcountry hut system. In 1989 he was awarded the Distinguished Service Award for his work on the Huts Committee. In 2004 Carl became VP of Facilities, a position that he has held to this day.

Carl Hannigan was awarded the Alpine Club of Canada’s A.O. Wheeler Legacy Award in 2013 and Distinguished Service Award in 1989.