Charles (Chuck) Young


In addition to contributing to the ACC in numerous other ways and activities, Chuck Young has served as a model and exemplary volunteer amateur leader for at least one week at the GMC every year for the past 25 years!  Through his leadership, Chuck has contributed to the ACC mission of promoting responsible access and excellence in alpine leadership and skills.  His efforts also align with the goals of being a leader in climbing and mountain skills and leadership development, being a strong advocate for the self-propelled Alpine enthusiast, and directly contribute to the ACC’s effectiveness in satisfying stakeholder needs. While Chuck’s contribution to the ACC and the GMC is unparalleled in his exemplary leadership, his advocacy for climbing, mountaineering skills and leadership development, his ambassadorship for the ACC’s mission, is also equally unparalleled. Chuck is always the tireless leader, companion and teacher in and around the camp and one of the greatest ambassadors for the GMC and the ACC.

Chuck Young was awarded the Alpine Club of Canada’s President’s Award  in 2013.