Diana MacGibbon

Diana MacGibbon has crushed most of the 5.ll's in Echo Canyon, has dropped couloirs in the Selkirks and is now trying to kill herself on her mountain bike. All round mountain athlete and all round expert organizer, Diana has lead trips for the Rocky Mountain's R.O.C.K. program, managed week long ski camps and coordinated numerous scrambles, multipitch trad climbs and back country ski days for the ACC. On top of maintaining her consulting practice, she has also been the Vice Chair of the Rocky Mountain section for 2 years and the Chair for 3 years. With her calm, confident manner she continues to lead the section through the rapids and boulders of change. Let's not even get started with her numerous environmental endeavours, the least of which was spearheading the effort to bring food composting to Canmore. Generous with her time, unsparing of her wisdom and generally just a super fun and safe person to do anything with in the mountains (except maybe mountain running - you're guaranteed to hurt if you try to keep up), the Rocky Mountain Section is very fortunate to have Diana MacGibbon at our helm.