Don Forest

Don Forest was born in Hanna, Alberta in 1920. He served during the Second World War as a radio technician in the R.C.A.F. Though he didn’t begin serious mountaineering until he was in his forties, he became the first Canadian to climb all the 11000ers (peaks over 3,353 m) in the Rockies and the Selkirks. He also set another Canadian climbing record in 1991, during an expedition led by Chic Scott, when he became the oldest person (age 71) to reach the West Summit of Mount Logan. Forest was a member of the fabled Grizzly Group; his stamina, skills and endurance were legendary. Forest was also very much at home on skis, and it was when he was skiing near Bragg Creek, AB that he had a fatal heart attack and died in 2003.

Don Forest was the President of the ACC in 1975 – 1976. A volunteer award was named after him in 2004.

Don Forest was awarded the Alpine Club of Canada’s A.O. Wheeler Legacy Award in 1995, Honorary Membership in 1991, Silver Rope for Leadership in 1978 and Distinguished Service Award in 1972.