Marie Tison

Marie is a long serving leader in the club and is, in most years, the leader who does the most outings. She leads outings in several areas, including hikes, ice climbing and will support other leaders in rock climbing events. She does both single day and multi-day outings.

Every year, Marie participates and leads outings at all our major events, including Winter'Fest (Ice Climbing), New Members and Members weekends (rock climbing and hiking) and does several outings outside of the events for multi-day and single day outings.

Marie is very appreciated by the members who participate in her outings. She is well informed, makes sure that safety protocols are observed at all times and the feedback from the members is always very positive. She manages her groups very effectively.

Her dedication to the club goes beyond just organising events, as she attends the annual meeting every year and challenges the executive group with good questions, ensuring that the group works to improve the member experience. She is more than happy to present her adventures when we need a speaker for an event, something many people are not able to do.

“I love nature and the outdoors with a passion. I have the desire to share this passion with others. A beautiful peak, a beautiful trail, are much more enjoyable when you can share them with others. This is the reason why I got involved with the Alpine Club as a leader, especially for hiking outings. I love classic circuits, but I also like to explore and offer little known circuits, away from the ordinary. I especially enjoy backpacking, staying in the wilderness for a few days. I always enjoy sharing little tips that can make life more pleasant while camping. More recently, I have started organizing rock and ice climbing outings. I am most satisfied when people are happy (and tired!) at the end of the day.”

"J'aime la nature et le plein air avec passion. J'ai le désir de partager cette passion avec les autres. Un beau sommet, un beau sentier, c'est beaucoup plus agréable lorsqu'on peut le partager. C'est pour cette raison que je me suis impliquée avec le club alpin dans l'organisation de sorties, notamment en randonnée pédestre. J'aime beaucoup faire des circuits classiques, mais j'aime aussi explorer et proposer des circuits peu connus, qui sortent de l'ordinaire. J'apprécie tout particulièrement le backpacking, le fait de me retrouver dans la nature pendant quelques jours. Il ne fait toujours plaisir de partager des petits trucs qui peuvent rendre la vie plus plaisante en camping. J'ai commencé plus récemment à organiser des sorties d'escalade, en roche ou en glace. Ma satisfaction, c'est lorsque les gens sont contents (et bien fatigués!) à la fin de la journée."