Mike Mortimer

Born in England and raised in Southern Africa, Mike Mortimer travelled and climbed around the world for seven years before settling in Canada in 1973. A dedicated volunteer, he was in turn Chairman of the Calgary Section and later the Huts Committee where he laid the foundations for the modern hut system. He represented the Club in Japan, dining with both the Crown Prince and Prime Minister on two occasions (during the Mt. Alberta 75th Anniversary Celebrations). Mike was President of the ACC from 1994 to 2001 and as the Club’s first External Relations Director he represented North America at the UIAA (International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation) before becoming its President in 2006. Mike was also Chairman of the ACC’s Centennial Committee from 2001 to 2006.

Mike Mortimer was awarded Alpine Club of Canada’s A.O. Wheeler Legacy Award in 2001, Honorary Membership in 2005 and the Distinguished Service Award in 1986.