Paul Trudeau

Paul Trudeau’s leadership style is defined by a genuine desire for all trip participants to enjoy themselves and share in his passion for alpine sport. He is always keen to share his infectious enthusiasm with section members at all levels of experience, inspiring them to increase their involvement in the club. Paul has brought his background in rock climbing and love of the outdoors to the Edmonton Section and has embraced the alpine opportunities offered in our region, advancing his skills and technique in ice climbing, mountaineering, and ski touring/mountaineering to a point where he has become a respected trip leader across a wide range of disciplines. Paul is a past TNF (summer) participant and GMC amateur leader.

Paul maintains a distinct focus on risk management and participant enjoyment, effectively balancing humour, constructive criticism, and clear, direct communication, to effectively coach members, convey a decision-making process, and maximize safety on section trips.

Paul Trudeau was awarded the Eric Brooks Leader Award in 2016.