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The Dispatch will keep you up-to-date on the latest happenings in the mountain community and the ACC. Every second Wednesday, we'll send you ACC news as well as interesting stories about what's going on in Canada and around the world. Regardless of whether you're an ACC member, you'll stay informed of environmental issues, job postings, grants, ACC Board elections, announcements, new guidebooks, volunteer opportunities, gear deals, upcoming events, access concerns, and much more. We throw in a nice dose of climbing and skiing stories and dancing bear videos from around the world when we find them, just for fun. 

This is the ACC's - and our mountain community's - flagship newsletter.

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weekly Updates on ACC facilities

The ACC operates dozens of backcountry huts and a front country hostel in Canmore. Keeping up with reservation periods, season changes, road closures, notices from Parks, and last minute cancellations is difficult. We pull all that together each week to keep our community informed.

Each Tuesday we send our subscribers the latest on everything in the world of ACC huts, including regular suggestions for huts with current availability. Additionally, if we have a last minute cancellation that we think you should know about, we'll send out an Alert. (We've also been known to extend discounts on hut rates just to our subscribers.)

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Monthly News from our lodge in Banff's backcountry

The ACC operates one full-service backcountry facility: Shadow Lake Lodge. Guests enjoy private, cozy cabins and fully catered meals through the summer hiking season and in the prime winter ski season, all in one of the prettiest corners of Banff National Park.

In this monthly newsletter we include lodge updates and deals as you'd expect, but we're also big on sharing seasonal photos and stories. Think: pictures of bursting meadow flowers, golden larches and endless blankets of perfect snow. If you're dreaming of your bucket list trip, packing for your getaway, or reliving special memories, this newsletter will be your inspiration.

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We love to get feedback on our newsletters - it helps us get better. Also, feel free to send us story ideas for future issues.


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Here's what some of our 30,000+ readers have told us about the Dispatch

  • "Just wanted to pass along my kudos regarding the ACC’s newsletter. I’m really appreciative of the updates and am finding the content – particularly the Canadian content – useful, entertaining and sometimes straight out inspiring. So thanks to all of you who are working to put this together. Yup, I realize I’ve already thanked you, but wanted to do so again."
  • “In a recent newsletter, you linked to an article about backcountry experiences with kids that mentioned the Hostelling International wilderness hostels. As a result of reading this, my husband, eight-year-old daughter and I booked ourselves in to the HI Mosquito Creek hostel for the July long weekend, and really had a wonderful time. We did a couple of long (well, long by eight-year-old standards) hikes that went surprisingly well, and my daughter announced that she wants to be a mountain climber when she grows up! Thanks for the tip!”
  • “I LOVE the ACC newsletter!! Love love love it. You guys are doing a great job with it. I get news here that I can’t get anywhere else. Keep on keeping on…”
  • "I can tell you that it definitely gets read. I’ve already gotten a couple of hundred more visits this afternoon than I usually do. Cheers!"
  • "I don’t have a story, rather I would like to pay a compliment to the person(s) producing the newsletter– you’re doing a very good job! I have followed up and used many of the website references. They are interesting, relevant and useful. Kudos to you"
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