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Published annually since 1907, The Canadian Alpine Journal (CAJ) is the flagship publication of the ACC. It is the permanent record of the biggest ascents, finest photography and most inspiring accomplishments. The CAJ is equal parts detailed route descriptions, introspective writing, science and humour.

This is our country’s representation of the year’s climbing in all its forms from coast to coast to coast and by Canadians abroad. To the mountain community, the CAJ is a collection of writings that individually and together celebrate the precious value and the infinite possibilities of life in the mountains.

The CAJ is published in July and is mailed to ACC members who have selected the CAJ upgrade with their membership. It can also be purchased from our Online Store . If you add the CAJ to your membership as a subscription BEFORE June 26, you will pay only $22 (including free shipping within Canada) and be one of the first to receive it as part of the July mailout. After that it will be available for purchase through the online store.

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Current Issue: Volume 102, 2019

The 2019 Canadian Alpine Journal is brimming with great feature articles and regional stories including full colour photos throughout its 200 pages. We are expecting this issue to sell out, so be sure to order your copy today!

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You can read the first few pages of Quentin Lindfield Robert's MA's Vision here: 2019 CAJ
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Feature articles:

MA's Vision — Quentin Lindfield Roberts
The American Indirect — Graham Zimmerman
The Range of Light — Derek Field
Super Unknown — Colin Landeck
Compromise in Conversation — Kieran Brownie

Sneak a peek at the opening spreads of the feature articles here: 2019 CAJ Features

Additional content in these categories:

The Cultural Ranges – The North – The West Coast – The Interior – The Rockies – The East – Foreign – Remembrances – Reviews – Index

Back Issues

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Patrons of the CAJ

These companies have donated generously to make the CAJ possible. We thank them sincerely.

Patrons of the CAJ are recognized in the Journal and in various ACC channels. For information on becoming a CAJ patron, please contact Keith Haberl

Content and Submissions

It is expected that the CAJ represent Canadian climbing coast-to-coast, and that the information in the Journal is current and reflective of the broadest standards of style and ranges of difficulty.

The CAJ, and its legacy to the climbing community, could not happen without each year’s contributors. Our goal is to create the definitive record of Canadian climbing and to make that resource available for generations to come. We gladly accept articles that have been previously published in other periodicals. The CAJ does not pay for words or images.

Contact Information:

Sean Isaac, CAJ Editor
201 Indian Flats Road
PO Box 8040 Station Main
Canmore, AB   T1W 2T8
T: 403-609-7590

Submission Guidelines:

The CAJ is interested in articles and reports (both in English and French language) of significant mountain achievements, both in Canada and by Canadians internationally, as well as mountain science related articles. We also encourage submissions in alternative avenues of expression including poetry, fiction, humour and reflection.

Word count can range anywhere between 300 and 2500 words. MS Word documents or RTF format please. Text can be e-mailed to:

The CAJ offers six departments for which your submission may be used.

  • Feature Articles – Our most significant contributions.
  • Regional Articles – Divided into The North, The West Coast, The Interior, The Rockies, The East and Foreign.
  • The Inner Ranges – Our venue for reflection and contemplation – focuses on the deeper side of the mountains and how they affect us emotionally, psychologically and philosophically.
  • The Lighter Side – The opposite of The Inner Ranges. Remind us if we’re taking ourselves too seriously.
  • Remembrances – Tributes to the passing of friends.
  • Reviews – Book reviews, both Canadian as well as important non-Canadian titles.

The Canadian Alpine Journal reserves the right to edit contributions for size, clarity and accuracy. As much as possible, we will preserve the original tone and style of all submissions.

The Alpine Club of Canada reserves the right to publish submitted works in print, on our website, as part of other versions and as compilations, and in promotional material. Writers retain all other rights to their work. By submitting your article and/or photographs, you are agreeing to these copyright terms.

The deadline for submissions is February 1st each year.

Photo Guidelines:

Interior photos are full colour and range in size from ¼-page up to double page spreads. The front and back covers are full colour. An honorarium is paid for the front cover photo.

The CAJ gladly accepts slide and digital images. Ensure each image is accompanied by caption and contact information. Please contact the editor before emailing large image files.

For first ascents, please include a second copy of the image with a line indicating the new route.

Upon completion of the Journal (early July), all slides and photos will be returned in appropriate photo mailing envelopes. Photo CDs will not be returned unless specifically requested. Include a mailing address and phone number. A complimentary copy of the CAJ will be sent if an image is used.

The CAJ also accepts other graphics such route topos, maps, artwork and cartoons to accompany articles.

Obituary Guidelines:

Sadly every year we lose some ACC members and their obituaries appear in the CAJ. If you would like to submit an obituary about someone in whose life the ACC played an important part, here are some guidelines:

The submission should be 400 – 600 words and include the person’s full name, date of birth, date of death, as well as ACC affiliations (section memberships), ACC awards and recognition received, ACC volunteer efforts, financial contributions to major ACC projects, and contributions to the CAJ and/or Gazette. Also significant/notable climbing or mountain exploration achievements, including first ascents and new routes, as well as mountain science achievements, mountain books written, artwork created, etc.

Optional information could include: cause of death, name of spouse and minor children, hometown, education, and profession.

MS Word documents or RTF format please. Text can be e-mailed to:

Deadline for submissions is May 1.